The SMS has been evaluated by the Taiwanese PlayStation 5 Board

The PlayStation 5 game Silent Hill: The Short Message received the rating from the Taiwanese Game Rating Board. The board assigned a PG-15 rating to Violence, horror and inappropriate language.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this name from the ratings board. Three months ago, Silent Hill: The Short Message was rated in South Korea as well.

Konami has yet to announce a game titled Silent Hill: The Short Message. However, the popular Japanese publisher unveiled several Silent Hill projects last month. Team Bloober (Layers of Fear, The Medium, Observer) tackle Silent Hill 2 Remake powered by Unreal Engine 5; No Code (Stories Untold, Observation) is working on the Silent Hill Townfall spin-off project; Hong Kong and Taiwanese studio NeoBards (Resident Evil Resistance, Re:Verse) is confirmed to be developing a game called Silent Hill f, which features an all-new story set in 1960s Japan that will be written by the man behind the visual novel. Higurashi When They Cry and Other “When They Cry” nicknames.

Finally, there’s also an interactive series called Silent Hill: The Ascension on the way from Bad Robot, Behavior Interactive, and Genvid. Here’s what producer Jacob Navoce had to say about the project when it was announced:

Silent Hill: Ascension takes this sense of collective fear to an enormous scale. It’s a live, real-time interactive series where millions of fans will watch together as a bone-chilling story unfolds. You can change its outcome and even be part of the scenes. There is no reset button. The decisions you make mean life or death in the story. It’s your chance to shape the Silent Hill Code forever.

It’s currently unclear how Silent Hill: The Short Message will play out in this flurry of projects in development for the horror franchise. Stay tuned, though, we’ll keep you posted with any news.

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