The ‘DS2’ sequel to Death Stranding has been revealed with an epic trailer at The Game Awards

NB: This is a developing story. More information about DS2 will be added soon.

As soon as Hideo Kojima’s latest Death Stranding came out, rumors and speculation started swirling about what he might be working on next. Over the past couple of months, the picture has become clearer, as Kojima appears to be playing both sides of the console wars, making the original Cloud Game for the Xbox and Death Stranding 2 for the PlayStation. Kojima has spent the past few weeks teasing the actresses for the project, including Elle Fanning and Lea Seydou From the first match.

Well, minutes ago during The Game Awards, Kojima showed up to give his good friend Geoff Keighley another exclusive, officially revealing his follow-up to Death Stranding 2, which apparently will be known simply as “DS2”. The trailer shows off both Léa Seydoux’s Fragile and Norman Reedus’ Porter Bridges, and a whole bunch of images that I won’t pretend to fully understand until fans gush about it. You can check out the trailer for yourself below.

DS2 for PS5 has been announced. An editing window has not yet been revealed.

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