TeamGroup Intros T-Create Expert & Classic DDR5 Memory for Desktops and Laptops

TEAMGROUP introduces three new Creator Series DDR5 memory options for users who need to create on the go or at home. T-CREATE EXPERT, T-CREAT CLASSIC desktop and laptop DDR5 memory options offer multiple frequency configurations (5200 to 6400MHz) with 32GB capacity per memory module.

TEAMGROUP T-CREATE DDR5 memory is an ideal solution for content creators at home or on the go

TEAMGROUP ensures that content creators working in 4K and 8K environments for video editing or creating advanced 3D illustrations can get it done quickly and multitask simultaneously without a hitch.

The latest T-CREATE DDR5 memory series will be an excellent memory option for users, ranging from $149.99 to $499.99, depending on model and configuration. It is currently available in 16GB Dual Memory and 32GB Dual Memory combos and is available through Amazon retailers starting February 2023.

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T-Create Expert DDR5 memory offers ultra-fast frequency levels (between 6000MHz to 6400MHz). The new Expert series will suit users who create 3D renderings and edit at high resolution settings (between 4K to 8K). The performance and stability of memory clusters meet the low-latency specifications demanded by power-hungry content creators of high-processing solutions.


The T-Create Classic series for desktop and notebook computers produces frequencies from 5600 to 6000MHz for desktops and 5200 to 5600MHz for laptops and mini PCs. TEAMGROUP wants users not to feel slowed down by waiting for video and photo files to transfer. The new memory will allow creators to work on high-level designs remotely, particularly in our hybrid workplaces.

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TEAMGROUP T-Create Expert and Classic DDR5 series desktop memory is encased in a one-piece porous anodized aluminum alloy plate for adequate cooling and thermal silicone to quickly reduce temperatures.

The new DDR5 modules are built with a ten-layer board, specially selected ICs of the highest quality, and a specially designed capacitor to withstand high temperatures. Classic DDR5 mobile memory is surrounded by an ultra-thin metallic graphene composite to allow heat transfer in the small areas found in most notebook and mini PC configurations.

Users wishing to learn more about TEAMGROUP’s T-CREATE DDR5 Memory for Content Creators can find information about the Expert Series and Classic Desktop and Mobile Series on the company’s website.

Producer Determine MSRP (USD) expected release
T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop Memory 6400MHz 2 x 32 GB 499.99 Early February 2023
2 x 16 GB 249.99
6000MHz 2 x 32 GB 399.99
2 x 16 GB 199.99
T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memory 6000MHz 2 x 32 GB 399.99
2 x 16 GB 199.99
5600MHz 2 x 32 GB 359.99
2 x 16 GB 179.99
T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory 5600MHz 2 x 32 GB 359.99
2 x 16 GB 179.99
5,200MHz 2 x 32 GB 319.99
2 x 16 GB 159.99

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