Spoken text size, button mapping, and HDR issues will be fixed in the full version

The Forspoken gameplay demo that launched earlier this month on PlayStation 5 allowed players to experience the upcoming open-world game by Square Enix, but also highlighted some issues. Fortunately, some of them will be fixed in the launch version.

It is also confirmed in the game Official Twitter profileThe full version coming next month will have a larger text size and button layout, and will fix some HDR issues. Unfortunately, no performance improvements were mentioned, but with almost a month to go until release, Luminous Production still has time to implement them as well.

While the aforementioned playable demo drops players in the middle of an adventure, our very own Kai had the chance to experience Forspoken from the get-go, highlighting how the experience can take a while to get started, as Freya’s abilities are very limited at the start of her journey in Athena.

Without a full set of parkour abilities, traversing Athena can sometimes be a chore, especially when it comes to climbing uphill. The ability to link up that players can test for themselves in the current playable demo is a later unlock, with players mostly only having access to Flow as the first unlocked movement ability (used by holding down the left analog stick and circle button). All the fancier moves, from running on water etc., remain as teasers in the gameplay footage and will be something players can look forward to discovering for themselves.

Forspoken launches on PC and PlayStation 5 on January 24th. You can head here to find out all there is to know about the game developed by Luminous Production and its unique features.

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