Skyblivion Total Conversion Mod is officially set for a 2025 release

We’ve often covered Skyblivion, the massive total conversion mod that aims to port the entire game of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine, on Wccftech.

It is one of the most ambitious mod projects in the works for any game. It began to be fully developed in 2012, based entirely on volunteer work, with all its manifestations and limitations. In a recent interview with Wccftech about the potential of NVIDIA’s RTX Remix tool, the leader of the Skyblivion Rebelzize team shared his belief that the overall conversion rate will get into gamers’ hands before The Elder Scrolls VI is released.

Today, finally, the mod team released a new trailer with its intended release window: 2025.

It seems far away now, and we were certainly hoping to get it in 2024, but 2025 is a reasonable time frame. It’s also almost certainly certain that it will be at least a year if not two before Bethesda Game Studios can release The Elder Scrolls VI.

Meanwhile, here’s an official rundown of what you can expect from Skyblivion and what you’ll need to play it.

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