Samsung could launch an app to help users fix their phones

Over the past couple of years, the right-to-fix movement has been slowly moving forward as a lot of companies are finally allowing people to easily repair their phones. Apple, Samsung, and Google now allow people to fix their phones. the best thing? You can purchase the parts along with every tool you need to get your hands on it from official repair partners like iFixit.

Samsung wants you to have an easier time when fixing your phones with the Self-Repair Assistant

Based on the new report we have, it seems that Samsung wants to take self-repair even further as the company is apparently working on a new app that will provide guidance to users looking to fix their devices.

The company filed a new trademark application that revealed the future plans the company had regarding the reform. The new app is called Self Repair Assitant and based on the name alone, it looks like the app will provide detailed instructions on how to repair the device yourself.

This is what the trademark filing revealed for the upcoming self-repair assistant, Self-repair assistant he is “Mobile application software for self-installation and self-maintenance of smart watches, tablets, mobile phones, and earphones.” The application will save “Self-installation and self-repair consulting and information services” from multiple devices.

At the time of writing, the self-repair service is only available for a few smartphones and tablets; Mainly hardware. However, knowing Samsung’s commitment to all devices. So we hope that the company will launch the same service for other devices as well.

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It might seem like a small step at the time of writing, but it is definitely a step in the right direction as it will give users a good incentive to fix their own devices. Do you think Samsung did the right thing? Let us know what you think.

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