New Apple Watch models no longer need to use your iPhone’s GPS, even if it’s in range

Early Apple Watch models needed to have an iPhone paired to them for a certain amount of functionality, including GPS connectivity. Fortunately, according to a recent support document, the 2022 models won’t need to connect to an iPhone, even if it’s a band, though there are still some drawbacks to these changes, as you’ll discover.

Previous-generation Apple Watch models pair with your iPhone’s GPS to conserve battery life

In an Apple support document where the company walks users through how to calibrate the Apple Watch to get accurate measurements during exercises and other activities, the company notes that this will happen when new wearables start using their own GPS.

Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE (2nd generation) use the GPS built into your Apple Watch, even when your iPhone is nearby. To preserve battery life, older Apple Watch models use your iPhone’s GPS when available “.

Previously, connecting to an iPhone to use GPS meant users got longer battery life in return, but it also meant they would get an inaccurate reading during calibration. Now, the iPhone battery life will be preserved instead, but the drawback to this approach is that the 2022 Apple Watch models may suffer when it comes to overall endurance. Remember, wearables have much smaller batteries, so wear and tear can happen at a faster pace.

Apple Watch Ultra is being used in a hostile environment

We assume that Apple Watch Ultra owners will likely benefit from this feature, since the model is larger than the regular Apple Watch Series 8 and second-generation Apple Watch, which just means it has a larger battery. In a previous breakdown, it was found that the most premium smartwatch is equipped with a 542mAh battery, compared to the Apple Watch Series 8’s 308mAh cell, which makes for a 76 percent difference in capacities. Some critics who had time to fiddle with it praised the battery life as well.

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However, it comes with a hefty price tag, and this is a variant that not many consumers can enjoy. Perhaps Apple will be able to provide users with some changes in the upcoming watchOS update where they are given the option to pair with an iPhone to conserve battery life again and vice versa. Only time will tell what the company’s plans are.

News source: Apple

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