Mortal Shell Indie Soulslike is free on the Epic Games Store

The standalone game Mortal Shell, released by Cold Symmetry (Developer) and Playstack (Publisher) in August 2020, is currently free to add to your Epic Games Store library until 5 PM today.

The game was initially known as Dungeonhaven before its title change. When it finally launched as Mortal Shell, the Soulslike title got a 7.7 out of 10 in the official Wccftech review penned by Kai Powell.

Mortal Shell is an interesting case where the Souls formula could be put to good use in an RPG that doesn’t need excessive padding or leveling to tell its story. Although incredibly short by Soulslikes standards, the unique defensive styles of combat and weapon/missile synergies give Mortal Shell its special place in the growing genre. At half the price of a traditional AAA adventure, Mortal Shell is definitely worth an impulse purchase for steadfast fans of the action-RPG genre.

Last year, Cold Symmetry released a DLC called The Virtuous Cycle that added a roguelike mode. If you want to get it after grabbing the Mortal Shell for free, The Virtuous Cycle is $3.99.

New Roguelike mode
Make your way to salvation in this self-changing world where no two paths are ever the same. Create your own combat system from upgrade pillars scattered throughout Fallgrim and beyond. Over 100 upgrades for you to inherit, from exotic weapon improvements to all-new maneuvers.

New playable shell: Hadern
Once your landmark was out of reach, now you can master it. Hadern becomes the fifth acquireable Mortal Shell, playable in both the main Mortal Shell campaign and The Virtuous Cycle. His unique skill tree opens up a new realm of innate talent, from dagger proficiency to the fearsome ability to absorb punishment.

New mutant weapon: axatana
Walgrim’s most respected weapon has been discovered. Your azatana bends in your hands at your will, bundles itself into a super heavy ax when the moment calls, and splits into a lightning-quick double katana when you want to. You can unlock unique movesets for both modes.

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