More unannounced Silent Hill projects are in development

After a very long hiatus, the Silent Hill series is finally back on PC and consoles with multiple projects that include a new entry in the franchise and a remake of the second entry in the series. However, the projects announced last year are just the tip of the iceberg, according to a reliable source.

Speaking on the ResetERA forums a few days ago, Dusk Golem, who has correctly disclosed information about some of these projects, revealed that three more Silent Hill games are in development, not including Silent Hill: The Short Message, the unannounced project evaluated in Taiwan last week. Not much is known about them, and it may take a while for us to hear anything about, as one is said to be at an early stage of development.

There are at least three Silent Hill projects yet to be announced, not including the SMS. Yes really. But one of them is at a very early stage.

Dusk Golem also spoke about The Short Message, saying that they don’t know if the game will eventually make it to PC and that no one has guessed correctly its story, which, according to him, looks interesting on paper.

I’ll just say this isn’t going to happen as you might suspect, no one has accurately guessed the story of this thing yet. I’ve said it before, I actually like the story of this thing on paper, to see if they execute it well. But I don’t want to spoil it, just excited for people to try it out and look forward to the inevitable flows and such people will, I can live vicariously through people who aren’t spoiled by it.

As mentioned earlier, several Silent Hill projects are currently in the works, such as the Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team, the interactive series Silent Hill: Ascension, and Silent Hill f, a spin-off game set in Japan in the 1960s. No release date has been confirmed, outside of the 2023 window for Ascension, but with a Silent Hill 2 remake in the late stages of development, it’s not out of the question that the team-developed Bloober could also release sometime this year.

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