LOL Verifier is a handy little device that lets you just type “LOL” if you’ve already laughed

Texting is a medium that is still preferred by many in modern times. Sure, some still prefer calls to texts, but for most, especially the younger generation, texting is the way to go. With texting comes metacharacters, and LOL is probably one of the oldest. We’ve used this for the longest time, and there was a time when it was used to represent things that made us laugh, but now this is only used as an excuse. Well, Brian Moore, who I would call him an engineer, believes there must be a reason people use LOL all the time, and that’s why he created a handy little device called “LOL Verified”.

LOL Verifier aims to restore the “authenticity” of LOL in text messages

According to Moore, if you’re using this device on your computer while you’re texting, you won’t be able to use LOL unless LOL Verifier verifies that you laughed. To create a verification process, Moore has already recorded more than 100 laughs and put them into a machine learning algorithm. Therefore, it is safe to say that a great deal of work has been put into this.

If you want to know how LOL Verifier works, you can check it out below.

Even better, if the device fails to check your LOL, it will replace it with a different text confirming that you still find that text funny. One could easily see and dismiss this project as ridiculous, but honestly, given the work Moore has put into this, it’s really commendable.

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Aside from the appropriately named LOL Verifier, Moore wants to work on LMAO Verifier as the next release. When that comes out, we’re not sure, but we’re keeping our eyes open for something like this to happen.

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