iPhone 14 Pro owners have reported strange lines appearing on the screen during boot up; There is no solution in sight

A few iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max owners have been complaining about horizontal lines that appear after turning on their devices. This problem only occurs during the boot phase but since the problem does not appear on other models, it can be a cause for concern, as more problems can occur in the future if not addressed right now.

A user reported that resetting or updating their iPhone to iOS 16.2 did not solve the problem

MacRumors forums member Infernoqt noticed this issue on December 22nd and said that the horizontal lines don’t appear every time the iPhone boots up, indicating that the problem is random. After having the iPhone 14 Pro for two weeks and asking around on Reddit, Infernoqt has discovered that many people are experiencing the same issue.


I got a brand new iPhone and noticed that when the phone wakes up, horizontal lines flash across the screen. It doesn’t happen every time, just randomly. But (I feel) it happens more often when your screen locks itself (by time limit (after inactivity)).

I don’t remember seeing these lines prior to iOS 16.2 but I’ve only had this phone for 2 weeks. I visited a reddit forum and it said 5 people had the same issue which means (hopefully) it’s not a hardware issue. But I need to know more… Maybe you can try it too.

Any solutions? “

An iPhone 14 Pro Max owner by the name u/1LastOutlaw8 said on Reddit that his iPhone 14 Pro Max was experiencing the same issue. Even after this trip to the Apple Store, the technician stated that nothing was off, although the horizontal lines did not go away, even after performing a soft reset or updating the smartphone to iOS 16.2.

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Some iPhone owners reported that the horizontal lines only started appearing after they updated their devices to iOS 16.2, so the origin of the problem cannot be traced back as these issues are everywhere. Apple may have detected the problem, and it appears to be software related. Unfortunately, the company has just started testing iOS 16.3 with developers, so it will take some time before this issue is fixed.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max have the same issues?

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