How to Convert an Amazon Gift Card to Cash

Gift cards can be a thoughtful gift for the person on your list who has everything. Although Amazon has a fantastic supply of gift cards, not all people shop online. If you receive an Amazon gift card that you won’t use, you’re probably wondering how to convert an Amazon gift card to cash. Unfortunately, Amazon does not support exchanging gift cards for cash.

How to Convert an Amazon Gift Card to Cash

We want to help you avoid unnecessary shopping on Amazon. Here are some solutions to show you how to convert Amazon gift card to cash.

Sell ​​it on Reddit

Reddit is an excellent platform for various types of online sales. When it comes to Amazon gift cards, Reddit has a subreddit dedicated mainly to gift card exchanges. You can post ads and exchange and trade junk gift cards on the /r/giftcardexchange forums.

Reddit users mostly use PayPal for monetary transactions when participating in gift card deals. Before publishing an ad, think about the payment terms for a safe exchange. Create a post that includes details about your card, such as its value and your bargain price. To make your listing more attractive, you may want to add some compelling information about why you’re selling it. The Reddit community is quick to respond and you most likely won’t have to wait long to get an offer from a user.

Before creating a thread on a subreddit that deals in gift cards, make sure you read the moderator rules and terms of business.

Here are the steps and tips to get a good deal when you convert your Amazon gift card to cash.

  1. Go to the r/giftcardexchange, r/GCTrading and /r/barter subreddits. Create a post that sells your Amazon gift card.
    amazon 1 1
  2. Decide on a selling price. Remember that Amazon gift cards often sell for 90% of the value of the gift card balance.
    amazon 17 2
  3. Negotiate with interested buyers and determine payment terms that work for both of you.
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Retail Arbitrage

If you have more of a business approach, turn to retail arbitrage. Use an Amazon gift card to buy items on Amazon at a discount, then sell them at a higher price for a profit. Not only are you essentially turning your Amazon gift card into cash, but you can earn a little extra in the process.

Here’s how to do it in a few steps.

  1. Check out Amazon’s sections for discounted items and clearance deals like today’s deals. You can also use coupons to save money on your purchase.
    amazon 2 1
  2. Use an Amazon gift card to pay.
    amazon 3 1
  3. Look for e-commerce websites that offer the best terms of sale. Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, or eBid can be good places to sell your Amazon items.
    amazon 6 1
  4. Sell ​​items online for more than you paid.
    amazon 5 1

Card seller site

A dedicated online marketplace for trading and selling gift cards, such as Craigslist or EJ Gift Cards, can help you sell your card quickly. Websites like these can help you resell your unused gift card for close to face value. In addition to the classic trading of items for money, marketplaces dedicated to selling gift cards also allow you to exchange them for gift cards from other retailers that you might be able to use.


Craigslist is a well-known online marketplace for the local sale of all kinds of items. This site is a good choice if you want to convert your Amazon gift card to cash. You conduct business deals in a local environment because it provides a way to ensure a quick meeting with a potential buyer. Its other useful feature is that it gives you an insight into the market value of the card and helps you get the most out of the sale.

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Setting up a listing on this gift card marketplace is quick and easy, and all you need is a Craigslist account. Here are the steps to convert an Amazon gift card to cash on Craigslist.

  1. Enter “Amazon Gift Card” in the search box on the home page to compare card values ​​for similar gift cards and determine the market value of your Amazon gift card.
    amazon 10 1
  2. Go to “Post” in the top right corner of the page.
    amazon 14 1
  3. Select the “for sale by owner” option.
    amazon 11 1
  4. List your card in the “generally for sale – by owner” category.
    amazon 12 1
  5. Create your listing.
    1. Please note that all sales are cash only.
    2. Please include a phone number for faster sales.
      amazon 13 1
  6. Post an offer on Craigslist.
    amazon 15 2
  7. Check your email regularly for suggestions, because if you don’t respond quickly, you may lose sales.

Gift card scams are common when trading on Craigslist, so suggest meeting up in a public place and verify your Amazon card balance in front of them. Always be safe when transacting online.

Shop on Amazon for others

An Amazon gift card might not be what you need right now, but your friends might be able to use it. You can use your Amazon gift card balance to buy things for others and have them pay you for the item in cash.

Turn unused Amazon gift cards into cash by using them to buy other gifts to celebrate their special occasion. Instead of buying things on Amazon for yourself, use a gift card to choose a thoughtful gift for a friend. It’s a smart idea and keeps the cash you’d otherwise spend on a gift in your pocket.

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Sell ​​it to your inner circle

Probably the fastest way to convert an Amazon gift card into cash is to announce that you need to sell the gift card to friends, family, colleagues, etc. Make a reasonable offer and you may even get a better final offer than if you posted the request online.

Redeem your gift card

While this option doesn’t provide physical cash, converting an Amazon gift card is a way to convert it. Many people shop online and Amazon is probably the most popular marketplace today. An unused Amazon gift card is a thoughtful gift for someone you know who spends hours browsing Amazon. Make sure you didn’t redeem the gift code when redeeming your Amazon gift card.

Money comes in many forms

Before looking for a way to convert it to cash, reconsider whether you really can’t use your Amazon gift card. There’s a reason the Amazon card is one of the most gifted cards in the world. Whatever you need, Amazon most likely sells it online.

Amazon has a large customer community, so finding buyers for your gift card shouldn’t be a problem. One of the methods mentioned above will probably help you convert digital money into physical cash.

How do you get the most out of your Amazon gift cards? Tell us in the comments section below.

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