Horizon Online Co-Op game which is almost confirmed by job openings

As first spotted By content creator JorraptorGuerrilla Games’ list of job openings basically confirms the existence of the rumored co-op multiplayer game Horizon Online.

1st job for a Lead Scientist Designer (online project).

Create amazing multiplayer worlds full of exciting locations, activities, and encounters

Guerrilla is looking for a Lead World Designer to bring the expanded Horizon universe to a multiplayer audience.

In case you weren’t convinced yet, there are plenty of other job openings for the same project that suggest Horizon Online is a real thing. Take on the role of Chief Combat Designer (online project):

Guerrilla is looking for an experienced and passionate Lead Combat Designer to oversee the design and development of accessible, co-operative and replayable multiplayer combat experiences.

As the successful candidate, you will work closely with combat designers, animators, gameplay programmers, and cross-disciplinary teams to create playable characters and a variety of enemies (both machines and human) that focus on exciting combat with co-operative elements.

What are you going to do?
As Principal Combat Designer (Online Project) at Guerrilla, you will:

He championed the combative pillars of the project along with the Game Director and Lead Game Designer
Work closely with Combat Designers to oversee the development of several playable characters, their combat abilities, a variety of enemies (machines and robots), and a variety of combat systems.

Or the job of a combat machine designer (online project):

Guerrilla is looking for an experienced and passionate Senior Combat Designer to help create a variety of machine enemies that are amazingly skilled, challenging, and memorable to fight cooperatively. We are looking for an experienced candidate who has a deep understanding of what makes a good enemy design that will challenge a variety of player skills.

What are you going to do?
As a Senior Robot Combat Designer at Guerrilla, you will:

Work closely with your master combat designer to design multiple machine enemies that provide a variety of multiplayer challenges

Not too surprising considering that the co-op mode was already available in the original game, Horizon Zero Dawn, before it ended up on the slashing floor.

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If you were worried that Horizon Online would abandon the narrative-driven approach established by single-player games, fret not. There is also a job opportunity for a Narrative Designer, where one of the requirements is to “have extensive knowledge of story and narrative design in open world RPGs, online games, and MMORPGs”.

The question is really whether this game is in development at Guerrilla separate from the supposed Horizon MMO in the works at NCSoft. Does Guerrilla work alongside NCSoft? It would be strange if two separate Horizon Online projects were being made at the same time.

Regardless, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time for IP fans. Following the successful release of Horizon Forbidden West, there’s a PS VR2 spin-off (Call of the Mountain) coming in February 2023. Two months later, the Burning Shores DLC will expand the content available in Horizon Forbidden West (it’s also likely to launch on PC at some point). In the future). Moreover, a TV series adaptation will also be streaming on Netflix.

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