Dragonflight’s 6 2023 content updates detailed, circulation post soon

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launched in November, but that’s not the end of the scaly new content line. Blizzard has detailed its 2023 plans for Dragonflight, which will include two major seasonal updates that will bring new regions, raids, professions, and more. In between those seasons, there will be smaller content updates, with the first update introducing the Trading Post mechanic in early 2023. You can check out the full Dragonflight 2023 calendar below.


Here are more details on what Blizzard is planning for 2023…

In all, we plan to deliver six content patches, evenly spaced out, over the course of 2023. This will include two major updates, the traditional pillars of our expansions — with new regions, raids, and seasonal rewards — but in between those, we want to continue to expand and evolve our world through New world events, system updates, evergreen holidays, new dungeon experiences, new narrative and cinematic chapters that can serve as epilogues or preludes to the next major step in the adventure, and best of all, more opportunities for us to respond to feedback and change or add items based on What we hear is what our players need most.

We recently announced the upcoming Content Update 10.0.5, which should go live early next year, with the introduction of the Trading Post system allowing players of all playstyles to earn a wide range of fun cosmetic rewards of their choice, as well as (finally)! ) allowing for poor quality and common quality items as transitional themes – for those who prefer a slightly more modest look – and a bit of New World content in the Primal Tomorrow area.

Shortly after you have this in your hands, we will be releasing Content Update 10.0.7 to our public test realm. 10.0.7 will feature a new mission campaign and global replayable content set in Forbidden Reach, as dracthyr return to their confinement (along with some unexpected guests) to learn more about their origins and fate. This content will set up the next major chapter of Dragonflight, and as a result, it should be clear what our next destination should be. Along with this new content, we also plan to add quests for Human and Orc Cosmetic Heritage Armor, update some of our recurring holidays, and more.

There will also be Content Update 10.1.5 and 10.1.7 coming in the second half of the year, bringing the period between the second and third major updates closer. We don’t want there to be any set formula for the size or shape of these updates, but the goal is simply more Warcraft: more story, more content, more rewards, more events, more tech improvements, with less downtime in between. I don’t want to spoil everything, and I’m sure there are at least a few surprises coming along the way that no one expects. And some details are yet to be determined, as your feedback will help shape exactly what we prioritize in these updates.”

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is now available on PC.

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