Does Snapchat notify you when someone views your story?

The biggest feature, and perhaps the most important to Snapchat’s legacy, is the Story feature, which allows you to post photos and video snippets to your profile for your friends to view up to 24 hours later. Given the nature of Snapchat’s disappearing features, it’s normal to wonder if you’ll get a notification when someone views your story.

Does Snapchat notify you when someone views your story?

The Snapchat Story feature has been a huge hit for the social media giant. So much so that other platforms have copied the popular Stories. Snapchat Stories only live for 24 hours, which means your followers and friends have a narrow window to catch your content.

The question of whether or not Snapchat will notify you of who is following your story is a rather complicated question. Read on; in this article, we’ll teach you all about what Snapchat lets you see about your stories.

Notifications within Snapchat

Some popular social media platforms allow you to customize notifications to the extent that you can mute some and set notifications for others. While Snapchat gives you some power over your notifications, it won’t notify you when someone views your story.

While this may seem disappointing, there are still a lot of things you can do with Snapchat notifications to keep you updated on anything story-related.

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You can receive notifications about memories, birthdays, or other content, but when it comes to receiving notifications about who viewed your story, expect your phone to stay silent. It’s a sadly missing feature that we were hoping would eventually appear in the app, but unfortunately it looks like we’re out of luck just yet.

So while the app will notify you when someone starts doing something as simple as texting, Snapchat’s menu for changing your notifications doesn’t include anything about Stories beyond receiving the occasional notification when your friends post Stories.

But don’t worry, there’s still a lot you can learn about your friends’ investments in your Snap account by posting a story.

How do you see who has seen your story?

While you may not be able to receive notifications about who has seen your story, you can still see who has actually viewed it. They may not send you a notification, but Snapchat allows you to see which of your followers have and haven’t seen your story. It’s a really interesting idea to make this type of network a little more enjoyable while also knowing exactly what actions people are taking while watching your story.

While you won’t get any notifications for someone double-viewing your story, like when someone plays a live screenshot, you will receive a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your story. Let’s see how it’s all done.


On the stories screen inside Snapchat, find your story at the top of the page. To the right of your story, you’ll notice a few small icons highlighted in gray. Tap the vertical line icon with three dots on the right side of the display. This will expand your story view and show you every single photo or video you’ve added to your story in the last twenty-four hours, plus any captions you’ve added to the story so you can tell which photo is which.

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On the far right of this screen, you’ll see purple eye-shaped icons plus a number on the left. These icons and numbers represent the people who saw your story (in our example screenshot, 45 people saw the first slide, while 42 saw the second).

But it’s not enough to just know the numbers – you need to know the names of who specifically saw or didn’t see your story. Snapchat lets you do that too. Just tap the eye icon on the display inside Stories to open your photo or video playing in the background (if it’s a video, the sound will be muted) along with a list of names who have seen your story.

This list is in reverse chronological order, with the top of the list showing who viewed your story last, and the bottom of the list showing who viewed your story most recently. If one of your friends has taken a screenshot of your story, you’ll see a small screenshot icon (two crossed arrows) next to their name.


Finally, you can also view this information from within your story while viewing it. Click on your story to see the visuals. At the bottom of the display you will notice a small arrow pointing up on the screen. Swipe up on this arrow to load a full view of names. You can also close this view by swiping down.

Customize who can view your story

Checking who has seen your story is great if you’re trying to see if your best friend or crush has checked your account, but what if you’re trying to block someone from seeing your story instead? If you’re worried about your story being seen by someone who shouldn’t, you don’t have to keep checking the panel you’re seeing—Snapchat lets you customize it right from the start. Open the profile panel and then click on the settings menu in this list. Scroll down to the “Who Can…” menu and select “View My Story”.

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Here you will find three options to choose from:

  1. Each: Anyone who follows you can view your story, even if you don’t follow them back. This is great if you’re trying to become a vlogger or other internet celebrity, but we don’t recommend this setup most of the time.
  2. Only friends: For most people, this is the right way to go. Those you’ve accepted on Snapchat can see your story, but unless you accept them as a mutual friend, they won’t see your story at all.
  3. Custom: If you want to hide your story from anyone, Custom is the way to go. Not only can you block people from seeing your story, but you can set Snapchat so that only a small group of people can see your stories. It’s a great way to protect your privacy on the platform.
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Of course, these settings apply to every story you post on Snapchat, so you might want to leave it to Friends Only and instead use our last feature in this guide to hide your story whenever you feel it’s necessary.

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Creating your own story

As we mentioned above, you can use custom stories to ensure that only a certain group of people see your story. For example, if you’re at an event that you only want to share with specific friends or colleagues, you can select certain contacts from your friend group and restrict the rest of your contacts from seeing that story.

Alternatively, you can use a geofenced area to share your story with anyone, whether you’re friends with them or not, as long as they’re in your fenced area. Basically, this means that your stories will become public attractions that anyone at your event can view.

For example, if you’re at someone’s birthday party or graduation, you can celebrate with everyone, whether you’ve connected with the people around you or not. This also allows friends of friends to contribute, so nearby neighbors aren’t posting random stories if they don’t know about someone at your event.

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To get started with these custom stories, go to the Stories tab inside Snapchat and look for the top purple banner. You will see a plus icon in the upper right corner of the display. Clicking on this icon will prompt you to name your story (“Jenna’s Birthday Party!”, “Greg’s Graduation”, etc.).

Once you’ve named your event, you’ll be able to set parameters for your event’s security and privacy. This includes the geofence option (disabled by default) which when enabled will show you a map of your location along with an estimate of your current address (you can edit the geofence name which defaults to your address in order to hide your address from others) . Geofence areas cannot be edited or moved – they are centered around your current location.

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Once you decide whether or not you want a geofence, you can choose to set who can add and view the story. If you’re willing for everyone at your event to be able to add and view them, setting both to “Friends of Friends” is the best way to do this. This means that your contacts and all of your contacts’ contacts can post and follow your story at once. If you want to keep things a little more private, you can limit everything to just your circle of friends, both when adding and viewing stories. You can also continue viewing for your friends of friends while also setting posts to only your friends if you want a happy medium between the two settings.

The story will appear as a featured story below your own story but above your friends’ posts. To follow your own story, tap the menu just like anyone else’s posts.


There is a lot to learn about Snapchat notifications. Continue reading for more answers to your questions.

Will Snapchat notify me if someone retweets my story?

Yes. Shortly after they’ve sent it, you’ll receive a message telling you who sent your story.

Can I get a notification if someone else has posted a story?

Absolutely! If you go to Snapchat Settings, you will see a ‘Notifications’ option. From there, you can turn on notifications for other friends’ stories.

You can even choose whose stories you want to trigger notifications on. At the bottom of the screen, tap Story Notification. Then tap the box to the left of each name you want to alert. Next, tap Done.

While you can’t receive notifications about who has or hasn’t seen your story, luckily you can count on Snapchat to at least let you manually review your view list. With custom stories and filters designed to offer privacy and limit people from watching your story, Snapchat allows you to have some knowledge of who’s looking at what, as long as you remember where to look. For more Snapchat guides, stay tuned to TechJunkie or check out our other Snapchat guides here.

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