Disney Dreamlight Valley – How the Festive Star Path event and all the rewards work

The holiday season is here, and the villagers of Disney Dreamlight Valley are ready to celebrate it with the all-new Festive Star Path event. It features several holiday-themed rewards that players can unlock by completing tasks listed on the event tab. Here, you’ll find a complete guide to the Festive Star Trail, along with a list of available rewards.

Ceremonial star trail: how does it work?

The Festive Star Path event in Disney Dreamlight Valley is available from the main menu. Here, you can check all the information about that, assignments and bonuses available. There is also a countdown on the left corner of the screen, which shows you how many days are left until the end of the event.

With the Festive Star Path event, you can decorate the entire village and make it match the spirit of the season. You get decorated windows for your home, lots of holiday outfits, a stand of hot cocoa, a huge pile of presents, Santa’s sleigh loaded with presents, and so much more. In addition, you can also get new styles for Mickey Mouse and Merlin. You have until January 26, 2023 to get them all.

To unlock rewards, you must complete the missions you see on the given tab, just like the old Villains event. In return, you will get party points and use them to redeem your favorite items. You can complete up to three missions at once if you have not activated the Premium Star Path. Assignments are usually easy to complete. For example, you might be asked to cook certain meals, remove a certain number of Night Thorns, or have my meals at the Plaza. When you finish a task and collect points, you will get a new challenge, so you will never run out of them.

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The cost of each Festive Star Path reward is listed on the Selected tab, so you know exactly how many points you need before unlocking it. Remember that starting on page 2, you must get at least three of the seven bonuses from the previous page to get to the newer section. However, most rewards are locked and cannot be redeemed unless you unlock the Premium Star Path. This will cost you 2,500 moonstones, but you will also have the opportunity to complete up to six missions at once instead of three.

All Star Path Celebration Rewards in Dreamlight Valley

All available Festive Star Path rewards are listed below. Each page contains three free items and four premium goods, which can only be redeemed if you unlock the premium star path for 2,500 moonstones. The last page is an exception to what we just wrote because it only lists 90 Moonstones as a bonus. In total, the Star Path Celebration event features seven bonus pages.

Most rewards don’t require a huge amount of Celebration Points to unlock, so you should be able to get them all before the event ends. Just remember to log in daily, or at least three to four times a week, to complete event assignments and redeem items. You will always see a summary of the days remaining for the Star Path Celebration event, as well as the amount of Moonstones and Points you currently have at your disposal.

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