Definition and types of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Continuing the previous article on the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, this article will discuss the types of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Recently, Google Chrome and Apple announced that they will provide insecure notifications to websites that don’t use SSL/HTTPS. this is done so that internet users can exchange information/data securely on a website. So, for those of you website owners who still use HTTP, it’s time to switch to HTTPS. for starters, you also need to know the types of SSL, along with the explanation

Understand SSL

The main reason to use SSL is to protect sensitive information as it is sent over the Internet in an encrypted manner, so that only the recipient of the message can understand the results of the encryption. This is very important, because the information we send over the Internet requires the process of moving from one computer to another until it reaches the destination server.

Other computers between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it’s not encrypted with an SSL certificate. When an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to anyone other than the server it was sent to when the information is being sent. This protects that information from hackers and identity thieves. as the development of internet and online applications keeps growing, especially in Indonesia, protecting your data from a website is very important.

SSL types

SSL is divided according to the type of website, here is the list

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1. Domain validation

Domain Validation SSL is the easiest type of SSL to use and also not too expensive. Verification is done for registration of this type of SSL by email only.
This type of SSL is licensed on your domain, so your website has its own private certificate/SSL.

2. Company/organization validation

This SSL requires documents in the form of organizational or business data for verification. SSL is commonly used for an organization’s or company’s website

3. Extended validation

Finally, there is Extended Validation, this type of SSL can be compared to Premium SSL because it has the highest prestige value compared to the above types of SSL. it requires business documents and costs more to use, but you’ll also get a higher level of security and a green bar in your browser’s address bar.

It should be noted that of the above three types of SSL, there are SSL with wildcards which is useful for securing the domain and all subdomains of your main domain (*, while a regular SSL certificate only secures and

There are various types of SSL certificates from various vendors, such as RapidSSL, Comodo PositiveSSL, VeriSign Secure Site, and others.
Each vendor or certificate authority differs from one another, including the cost of issuing SSL and the level of trust users have in the SSL brand.


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