Cyber ​​Monday 2022 Deal Available on Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station

Do you need power anytime, anywhere? Zendure’s latest SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station is here to save you from emergency power outages. Dinner plans get stuck? Kids getting antsy in the dark, with no entertainment? Need power for camping trips or workshop projects? Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 is the answer to all and many more of these scenarios.

With an SBP of 2,096 Watts Hours, an Output of 2,000 Watts, and a surge capacity of 4,000 Watts, you will no longer plan your life around energy availability because the SuperBase Pro has become your ultimate power plan. Entertain people at house parties and keep the kids occupied during emergency outages, enjoy those off-the-grid trips, or have fun camping and tailgating Electricity will always be available and in a sturdy package that’s so small.

Zendure Superbase PRO Backup Power

It’s not just about power with the SuperBase Pro 2000. Zendure has created a true masterpiece here in terms of design, too. Designed with portability and flexibility front and center, the SBP features Industrial grade wheels, telescopic handle, and fixed handle for comfort and movement on any type of terrain. Looking like modern luggage, you might be tempted to stack other items on top of it while rolling it up, and the SuperBase Pro 2000 handily manages that expectation by being sturdy enough to withstand the extra weight.

Zendure’s reputation for making durable products is reflected in the SBP, which features an extended top and back design for impact resistance. On the inside, the SBP 2000 is impact-reinforced, making it a tough, waterproof and reliable outdoor partner.

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Some specs speak – can Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 really free you from power worries?

The SuperBase Pro 2000 comes with a 2096Wh battery that can be recharged up to 80% in just 1 hour from a solar or AC power source. The 2000W pure sine wave AC output provides compatibility with a wide range of appliances, including heavy appliances and power tools such as induction hobs, vacuum cleaners, chainsaws, drills, and robotic appliances.

What makes it brighter? Zendure’s genius team used a patent Ampere Dynamic Voltage Output technology that enables the SuperBase Pro 2000 to power devices that require up to 3000 watts of power without interruption caused by Overload protection, although the maximum output of the SBP is 2000 W. SBP maintains a pure sine wave during modulation which makes it an absolutely fantastic technology. It can also provide up to 4,000 watts For heavy appliances that require additional starting current.

“When any heavy-duty devices require a high starting current (A), AmpUp can lower the output voltage (V) to compensate. (Power = A * V).”

SuperBase Pro 2000 has it Household UPS The function that protects sensitive equipment from damage during unexpected power outages. Simply plug the SBP 2000 into a power outlet, connect the primary devices to the SuperBase Pro, and you’re done. If the power goes out, the SuperBase Pro will switch to battery power automatically.

The ultra-fast recharging feature powered by patented PVMax technology makes the SuperBase Pro 2000 the only power station on the market that can recharge so quickly. Get 80% in just 1 hour or 100% in 2 hours via 1,800W AC or solar power input.

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6 ways to recharge your SuperBase Pro 2000

  1. AC outlet, 1800 watts, 2 hours for a full charge
  2. Solar panels via AC input, up to 1800W, 2 hours for a full charge
  3. Solar panels via XT60 input, up to 600W, 4 hours to fully charge
  4. Car charger, 120W / 240V, 9/19 hours to full
  5. Generator, 1800 watts, 2 hours to fully charge
  6. AC + DC (XT60), up to 2400W, 1.5 hours for a full charge

SuperBase Pro 2000 is equipped with dual ST ARM + TI DSP processors, the most powerful processors ever used in a power station, achieving high performance and real-time processing. This fastest charging home and outdoor power station comes packaged 14 output portsincluding 1 car outlet, 6 AC outlets (100-120V), 3 DC5521 ports (3.6V/10A), and 2 USB C ports.

Zendure has also included location-based services with built-in 4G IoT connectivity covering 120 countries. Wherever you have a 4G signal, you can Manage your power station remotelyOr switch to different operating modes, control the RGB lights, or switch them to sleep mode.

zendure superbase pro specifications

With these and other features and technologies, SuperBase Pro 2000 provides support in a wide range of scenarios. Whether you want to protect your home appliances, gaming consoles, or home office setup from a power outage, need an emergency backup for your electric car, or need a flexible power partner for outdoor trips, your SuperBase Pro 2000 can handle it all. This provides energy storage that is long-term, reliable, and sustainable.

Cyber ​​Monday 2022 offers discounts on Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 and SuperBase Pro 1500 models Zendure offers SBP2000 for $1499 and SBP1500 for $1299 with code zendureSBPValid on both Zendure Official Store and Amazon.

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