Apple’s augmented reality glasses launch for the first time after many years, and the company may ‘launch a temporary product’

Apple continues to have fun with its first AR headset, so it’s possible that the tech giant’s AR glasses may be years away from showing up. In fact, a reporter mentioned that the company doesn’t need to rush a launch, and it may be a while before we see it.

Augmented reality glasses are years away because of the boatload of technological limitations

In the free version of Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter, a Bloomberg reporter talked about Apple’s AR glasses, saying that this wearable is a few years away from launching for the following reasons.

“The reason for the shift is clear: true augmented reality glasses are still several years away. The necessary component miniaturization, battery technology, lenses, software support, and manufacturing capacity are not ready for primetime use.”

The first mass production phase of the AR headset is expected to happen in March 2023, after which Apple has two more headset models in the pipeline. Only after these releases can we outgrow our augmented reality glasses. Also, we’re bound to see multiple improvements to the headset in succession before Apple intends to release a pair of AR-enabled glasses to the masses. Because of this, Gorman believes the company will proceed to launch an “interim” product.

Apple AR glasses concept

“Instead of delaying until 2025 or so — when true augmented reality glasses are possible — Apple will take the practical route and launch an interim product that offers the best mixed reality technology available today. And that seems like the right decision for Apple, especially considering that they don’t want to Conceding a Promising Hardware Market to Meta”.

We also have no idea what kind of software is slated to run on these augmented reality glasses. With the AR headset expected to run on xrOS, the glasses could run on a variant of that OS or the same. So far, very little information is known about this product, most likely because it is still in the prototype development stage.

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