AirPods helped recover the stolen car using Apple’s Find My app

Apple’s Find My technology makes people’s lives just a little easier, especially when it’s powered by the company’s wide range of products, including the AirPods. On this occasion, with the help of wireless earphones, the car owner was able to locate his car with the help of the authorities.

The car owner accidentally left their AirPods in the car, which ended up helping to retrieve them back

As WMUR reported, owner Mike McCormack had forgotten his water bottle in the car, and when he returned to get it, his expensive possession was gone. Fortunately, although it didn’t take long for the car to be stolen, McCormack realized he left his AirPods there, meaning that by taking advantage of Apple’s Find My technology, he could locate them again.

“I left the gym with my girlfriend and decided to check Find My iPhone. And just my AirPods — they showed up and said they found a location on East Road in Weare, New Hampshire. And I was like, ‘Let’s get them now.'”

Later, McCormack notified the police, who tracked down the stolen car in Werry, New Hampshire. The suspects managed to escape, but not for long, as the authorities succeeded in capturing them. The suspects were identified as Frederick Estes and Anna Hein, both from Concord. According to the police, both criminals will face several charges.

Officer Laura Purslow of Weare Police Department stated that there were some cooperative citizens who offered some assistance in assisting the stolen vehicle, reducing the overall time it took to find the perpetrators.

“Fortunately, we had some cooperative citizens who were there when the two suspects fled and were able to give us good travel direction and a great description of them, which we were able to push to the neighboring mutual aid agencies and get that information out and it all ended up peacefully for everyone.”

If McCormack doesn’t leave his AirPods lying around in the car, his car will become harder to find, so we want to kindly remind our readers not to leave their cars unattended. If you think you’re about to visit a shady neighborhood, you can also leave an AirTag in it.

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News source: WMUR

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