4 Best Standing Desks in 2022

No matter how great your office chair is, sitting all day is not good for your body. But being on your feet all the time isn’t good for your comfort or health. An electric height-adjustable standing desk gives you the best of both worlds. Want to increase productivity and energy? Press a button to raise the table so you can move around a bit while you work. Do you feel like leaning back in your chair and concentrating for a while? Press another button to lower the table. After reassessing our top picks and testing three new models, we’ve reaffirmed that the Uplift V2 is the best desk for most people, accommodating a wide range of heights, stable even at the highest settings, and offering a greater variety of attractive customization options than you’ll find in any competitor.

Our selection

Uplift Bamboo Stand Up Desk with 1 Thick Desktop and V2 Frame 20190108 205258 full

Uplift V2 standing desk

The Uplift V2 is the most customizable desk we’ve ever tested, and its wide height range is suitable for people from 5ft to 7ft.

The Uplift V2 standing desk offers the best combination of performance and functionality of the desks we’ve tested. It responds quickly to input from the control panel (from your choice of four keyboard designs) and produces minimal wobble even at high pitches. It should fit people of average sitting and standing height for women and men, but if you’re under 5-foot-4 — something that’s true for a wide swath of the population — the desk probably wouldn’t work for you without it. foot rest. In that case, we recommend the Bamboo Standing Desk Fully Jarvis or the Laminate Standing Desk Fully Jarvis with a three-level low-span frame. We found the walnut laminate on the Uplift we tested to be attractive and realistic, and in previous tests, panelists liked the look of the 1-inch-thick curved bamboo table. But if you prefer a different style, Uplift offers nearly 30 desktop options, including some unusual but expensive wood tops like acacia and pheasant. The company also has four frame colors, three grommet colors, and three keyboard colors to choose from, as well as several optional extras, so you can really customize this desk.

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Also great

Fully Jarvis 20200324 192716 full

Jarvis full bamboo standing table

The bamboo-topped Jarvis is attractive and pleasant to work on, has a lower base price than many competitors, and is available in table sizes as small as 30 inches wide. The low-reach frame accommodates most people 4-9 to 5-foot-11.

Fully Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk 20210323 174202 full

Fully laminated Jarvis standing desk

The laminate tabletop version of Jarvis is made mostly from recycled wood and is available in seven finishes. It has the same frame as other Jarvis tables.

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk and the Fully Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk have the same frame, just different top options to suit your preferences. They offer everything we look for in a good height-adjustable desk: a wide range of heights for most people, a long warranty, reliable customer support, and stability in line with most other desks we’ve tested. The Jarvis has been our top choice for over four years, and it’s still a great table – one that Fully has made even better in the past year with frame improvements that reduce wobble at all heights. It doesn’t have as many customization options as the Uplift V2, but when equipped with its three-stage, low-reach frame, it works for people as short as 4 feet-9. The laminate tops we’ve tested look great, but they’re prone to smearing, so if you can spend a little more, we recommend a bamboo or techwood top (we haven’t tested any other desktop styles).

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