Why is Instagram asking me for my birthday?

If you’ve recently opened your Instagram and found yourself blocked until you provide the app with your date of birth, you’re not alone. Instagram has made it mandatory to enter this information in order to continue using the app.

Why is Instagram asking me for my birthday?

Why you need to add your birthday, why the app keeps asking for it, and what to do in case of an error – stick around to find out.

Why do they want my birthday?

Instagram has always had a minimum age requirement. But while in the past no one checked your birth certificate to make sure you actually hit the mark, today the story is a bit different. This photo-sharing social media platform has undergone significant changes over the past few years, with additional security features introduced.

In August 2021, the platform announced that it would require every user to enter their date of birth if they wanted to continue using Instagram. The primary reason for this move is to protect younger users.

According to Instagram’s terms and conditions, you must be at least 13 years old to use the app. When you enter your date of birth, Instagram will calculate your age and your account will be banned if you are under 13 years old. Instagram has also implemented some security measures to make the platform safer for underage users. For example, if your date of birth indicates you’re under 16 when you sign up for Instagram, your account will automatically be made private. Instagram also restricts adults from messaging underage users who are not following them.

But Instagram doesn’t just use your age to protect you from other users. This information is also required to protect the information of young Instagrammers. Advertisers will only be able to target minors based on a limited amount of data.

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Why does Instagram keep asking me for my birthday?

Instagram strives to make the app a safe place for underage users. To do this, it requires users to enter their date of birth for confirmation. Although you can skip the prompt multiple times, posting your date of birth on Instagram is not optional. Until you enter your information, the application will repeatedly ask you for it. There’s not much you can do about it, but add your date of birth to your profile.

If you don’t want to be bothered by the prompt again, you can go to your profile settings and enter your birthday.

  1. Open Instagram and tap on your profile icon in the lower right corner.
    profile 2
  2. Select “Edit Profile” below your bio.
    edit 4
  3. Look for “Privacy Settings” at the bottom.
    personal 1
  4. Tap on “Birthday” and you will be able to enter your date of birth.
    birthday 1

Saving your birthday to your profile should prevent Instagram from asking for it in the future.

Why does Instagram ask me for my birthday every time I open the app

Instagram has implemented some age-related safety features to keep minor users and their data safer. Therefore, the application requires all users to enter their dates of birth.

When you see the “Add your birthday” popup, you can close it by tapping “Not Now”. However, this will only solve the problem temporarily and the prompt will appear again the next time you open the app. You can only decline it so many times before you run out of options. Failure to provide Instagram with your date of birth will result in your account being banned. The only way to prevent the app from pestering you with this request is to enter the requested information.

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You don’t have to wait for a pop-up window to add your date of birth to your profile. Find the option in your profile settings as follows.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
    profile 2
  2. Press the “Edit Profile” button.
    edit 4
  3. Click on “Privacy Settings”.
    personal 1
  4. In the “Birthday” section, you can enter your date of birth.

Instagram is asking for my birthday error

If you’ve already entered your birthday on Instagram but run into an error, you could lose your account due to an unfortunate sequence of events. Generally, there are two common errors that users face. One of them informs the user that there has been an error in the saving process, while the other will ban the user from accessing his account, even if he is over the required age. Let’s see what to do with each problem.

Instagram Birthday Error

Have you seen an “An unexpected error occurred” message when entering your birthday on Instagram? If so, check your Facebook profile. If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, your date of birth on both platforms must match. You might have made a mistake while entering your date of birth on Facebook, that’s why Instagram error occurred.

To find your birthday on Facebook, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Facebook app and go to your profile.
  2. Under your details, find “View information about you”.
  3. Your birthday will be in the “Basic Information” section.

Make sure you enter the same date on Instagram and the error will disappear. You can also change your birthday on Facebook to the one you entered on Instagram, which will automatically sync them and solve the problem.

You are not old enough to use Instagram Error

If you receive an error message “You are not old enough to use Instagram” after entering your information, Instagram will block your account. If it’s a mistake and you’re over the required age, you can ask Instagram to regain access. Here are the steps.

  1. Click the “Appeal” button below the error message.
  2. Instagram will ask you for some personal information. Fill in the fields and attach a picture of your ID to verify your age.
  3. Submit the form and wait for an email from Instagram.
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Other frequently asked questions

Can I remove my birthday from Instagram?

Once you add your birthday to your Instagram, you won’t be able to remove it. However, you can edit it several times if you made a mistake or want to change it for any other reason.

Can others see my birthday on Instagram?

No – your birthday is not public on Instagram. The app uses this information only to provide you with an age-appropriate experience.

Can I edit my birthday on Instagram?

Yes, you can edit your birthday on Instagram by going to your profile page and pressing “Edit Profile”. However, keep in mind that you can only edit this information to a limited extent. The app will also block you from being able to change if you have recently modified it.

Why Is Instagram Asking Me For My Birthday – Solved!

Instagram has legitimate reasons to ask you for your birthday. It will also do this repeatedly until you finally enter the required information. However, providing this data to the app will only improve the user experience and protect younger users, so there’s nothing to worry about.

What do you think of Instagram’s new age policy? Should other apps implement similar measures? Let us know in the comments section below.

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