WhatsApp adds another security feature to beware

WhatsApp has evolved over the past two months a lot. It has evolved from an app that lacks many features to an app where developers are adding features left, right, and center. Everything from the ability to create your own avatars to features like the ability to message yourself, communities, and more. The platform works hard when it comes to ensuring that users are having a better time on the app.

Whatsapp is working on the new Show Once feature for text messages

Now, we have a tip from WABetaInfo that indicates that WhatsApp is extending its View Once feature to text messages as well. This means that you can now send messages that can only be viewed once. It also means that these messages won’t allow users to copy or forward them, and if the platform plays the cards right, you might not even be able to take a screenshot.

WhatsApp Beta

The feature is only available in beta stages, and you will need WhatsApp beta v2.22.25.20. Until then, it is only available to select users. Additionally, we’re not sure if this feature will continue to co-exist with the disappearing messages feature that lets you set a specific time for messages to disappear.

On paper, it sounds like an exciting feature, but you can’t avoid copying things one way or the other, as someone could still take a picture of the message sent using a phone or other device, which defeats the purpose. However, we cannot blame WhatsApp, as this goes beyond the app’s functionality or security measures.

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The new View Text Messages feature should roll out to everyone in the coming weeks; Due to the company’s track record, you will most likely land with a bunch of other features, so I’d advise you to stay tuned for more.

Do you think this feature is something you are willing to use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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