Wccftech’s most anticipated indie games of 2023

With Baileys depleted, cheese starting to turn blue, and our bank accounts looking alarmingly empty, it must be the New Year; Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting indie games due to be released (or at least rumored) this year, as they try to take our minds out of the aforementioned poverty. Obviously, we can’t guarantee whether or not they’ll come out this year (and we’ve been so wrong before), but regardless, here are the five indie games to keep you motivated during these tough early months.

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Tchia (Early 2023 – PC / PS4 / PS5)

Indie games sometimes offer some incredibly stunning visuals. Such is the case with Tchia, the awesome tropical open world adventure game in development at Awaceb. Its founders took inspiration from their native island of New Caledonia, and borrowed from the local landscapes, cultures, music, languages ​​and folklore to create a fantasy world.

The titular Tchia seeks to save her father from the tyrant ruler of the archipelago. Fortunately, she can exploit some really unique abilities like spirit leaping, which allows her to take control of animals or objects to explore or discover secrets. But that’s not all, as the game features a free climbing system, paragliding, boat sailing, and even ukulele playing.

Hollow Knight: Silksong (1H 2023 – PC / PS4 / PS5 / XB1 / XSS | X / Switch)

When discussing successful indie games, it’s impossible to forget Hollow Knight, a side-scrolling Metroidvania game that was released in 2017 by Team Cherry to critical and commercial acclaim. The upcoming sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong, builds on the original foundation and adds even more speed while improving the combat and platforming sections. The developers are also adding a mission system and crafting system.

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In an interesting twist, players will control Hornet, one of the bosses featured in the first game. Hornet uses silk instead of soul to heal and will have an optional surround mode called Silk Soul Mode.

Oxenfree II: The Lost Signals (TBA 2023 – PC, PS4 / PS5, Nintendo Switch)

This game is a little hard to put together. It seems like a suitable sequel to a great ghost story made by the same hands that designed the first, but with the injection of Netflix, which bought the studio after the success of Oxenfree. Regardless, it lands well on our list of most anticipated indie games, as everything about it, so far, promises to recapture the same unsettling vibes and spooky setting as the first.

After the game’s first mix of personal drama, ghosts, and strange radio signals, players once again prepare to explore the island once more as haunted radio signals seem to spread beyond its borders. The eerie environment, haunting soundtrack, contrasting and beautiful art design made the game an instant classic, which seems to be addressed and improved upon in the upcoming sequel.

One thing Oxenfree did fantastically, however, was use realistic, sometimes overlapping dialogue to create a real sense of familiarity with the characters. This made the concerns and risks even more powerful, and Oxenfree II promises to do the same again later this year.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (Summer 2023 – PC, PC)

Before we talk about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, I want you to say “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” out loud. Cyberfunk Bomb Rush. Imagine saying that to friends when you recommend this game. Imagine the look on their faces as they struggle to hear the best thing ever said to them.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (OK, I’ll stop now) is the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio, another great name to say it loud. Embrace the uninhibited spirit of rebellion as you bike, skate, and make your way through a futuristic city and make it your own. This is one of those indie games created by the concept of freedom for teens, where you can tag whatever you want, go anywhere you want, and outrun the police if you have to. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he does think he is serious, and if he can strike that balance, he’d be a perfect balm for an increasingly authoritarian world. It’s an explosion of color and sound and the promise of something fun, serious and extreme.

Viewfinder (TBA 2023 – PC, PS5)

The only real puzzle game on this list and probably the only game you’ll ever need if it’s as mind-blowing and quirky as the trailers promise. This is a game where you take pictures, then put the pictures back into the world to create paths, bridges, and solutions to the surreal landscapes around you.

It looks amazing from what we’ve seen, with images that bring their own style and color with them even when placed in the world, like copy-and-paste formatting, except that it actually looks amazing rather than annoying. The range of puzzles presented in the trailer alone is staggering, and those who enjoy quirky puzzles that can only be found in games will chow down a bit to get this unique and unparalleled experience in 2023.

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There are more indie games out there than we can reasonably count, more small developers bringing their own unique perspectives and challenges every day and we simply can’t include them all here. We can’t even include it in our list of other games to watch out for, but we have some of the best we’ve found so far that are worth keeping on your radar.

And for those who are always looking for more, check out the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag on Twitter for a great way to spy on new and interesting titles, provided Elon Musk doesn’t ruin them in the next 12 months.

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