Wccftech’s Best Horror Games of 2022 – Frights are fresh and familiar

The year 2022 has been a strong, if not outright killer, year for those looking for some scares. We didn’t get the big original horror release, as Resident Evil took the year (RE Village’s DLC aside) and Callisto Protocol ended up being a bit of a flop. There’s still plenty to sink your teeth into, however, as Naughty Dog delivered the polished remake The Last of Us Part I, Supermassive Games returned to big budget fare with The Quarry, and Dying Light 2 delivered another fun zombie-slaying playground. Meanwhile, on the indie front, games like Martha is Dead and Scorn have pushed gamers’ emotions to their limits. Brave yourself for the best Wccftech horror games of 2022…

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Resident Evil games aren’t really known for their strong post-launch support, but luckily Capcom has outgrown last year’s number one horror game, Resident Evil Village. The Winter Expansion offered a variety of new features, but the main addition was the new “Shadows of Rose” story content. Focusing on Ethan Winters’ turbulent and powerful teenage daughter Rose, the DLC remixed the best parts of RE Village (Castle Dimitrescu and House Beneviento) in hilarious, spooky, and unexpected ways. I was surprised at how much it grabbed me and pulled me back into the world of Resident Evil Village when I got my hands on the DLC…

Shadows of Rose is a relatively brief but surprisingly meaningful addition to the Winters saga we’ve seen play out in RE7 and RE Village. Rose is a likable character, and fortunately, this story is still very much about her character and growth rather than any of the usual plot twists. overdose on the Resident Evil plot”.

dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been the subject of some troubling behind-the-scenes reports ahead of launch, and the final game feels a little threaded together. However, Techland’s parkour-meets-zombie formula remains fun and they’ve created another entertaining open world that will devour your free time if you let it. Here are my final thoughts from my full review…

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is another delightful parkour and zombie-games playground from Techland, although at times the seams holding it together are a little obvious. Considering the game’s glitches, minor gameplay annoyances, and the grossly divided story and world, Reports of behind-the-scenes issues sound very plausible.However, the foundation here is very solid, and Techland has proven they can build for the long haul, so I’m confident the embers of Dying Light 2 can be stoked to full flames in time. “

Martha died

Martha is Dead has proven to be one of the most divisive horror games of 2022. The game’s slow-burn psychological story and moments of intense shock put some off, but others found the game powerful and memorable for exactly those reasons. Rosh Kelly of Wccftech was a fan of the game, praising his commitment to making players really uncomfortable…

“Martha’s Dead is an actively sinister game. It’s trying to bore you. It’s trying to cling to nebulous ideas while you’re asleep. It tells a truly tragic story and does so with a level of commitment and detailed pacing that few games are brave enough to attempt. But it’s no ride.” Comfortable. Nor is it friendly. If dear Esther or everyone gone into a trance makes you feel disoriented, dead Martha will make you ditch your living room altogether.”


And now for a game that’s the opposite of Martha is Dead! The Quarry never tries to be more than dumb fun, but developer Supermassive Games delivers the gruesome thriller with style. Fans of the studio have been waiting for a true successor to their cult classic Until Dawn, with follow-ups like Dark Pictures games being made on very tight budgets. That’s not a problem with The Quarry, which has full support from 2K Games – it’s a solid experience, with great visuals and a host of smart multiplayer features. Wccftech’s Chris Wray was definitely a big fan of Supermassive’s return to the “big screen”…

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The Quarry is another impressive title by Supermassive Games. While it doesn’t deviate from their previous titles, their ability to write an interesting story with compelling characters is only getting better. There are still a few issues here and there, but this feels better than ever. It went on and features an excellent soundtrack. If you’re a fan of the Until Dawn games or The Dark Pictures, you’ll love this one, especially since the bigger budget comes with a much larger cast and a bigger, more branching story.”

Last of Us Part 1 Remake Intro Best Horror

Debate rages on whether The Last of Us Part I is the best use of Naughty Dog’s limited resources, but there’s really no arguing that this is the essential way to play one of the best and most influential games of all time. TLOU’s transformation is truly amazing, bringing the game’s scary and dramatic moments to new life. A slew of new accessibility options make the game more customizable and playable than ever before. Kai Powell from Wccftech was dazzled with this remake of the classic Naughty Dog game…

“Worthy of being hailed as a potential game of the generation when it was first released, The Last of Us Part 1 has been completely revamped for a new generation of PlayStation consoles. With some of Naughty Dog’s best graphical technology to date, you have to see it to believe it.”


The aforementioned games certainly aren’t the end of the story when it comes to 2022 horror, as a number of titles were just below the top 5. Part 1) Although the tough gameplay wasn’t for everyone. Madison is one of the best PT games to date, although the novelty of the genre has faded a bit. Signalis was a fun throwback to the PS1 era, but new players might not quite get it. The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me is solid fun, but Supermassive worked better with The Quarry. Finally, there is the Callisto Protocol, which suffered from a lot of design and technical issues, but was undeniably impressive in some ways.

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Well, 2022 will probably not be remembered as a standout year for scary games, but if you dig down, there certainly won’t be a shortage of options. Any good horror games I missed? Do not agree with the top five Wccftech? Hit the comments and hash out your favorite actions.

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