Wccftech gives a lot of 2k video games (for pc)

Today we’re running a special holiday raffle featuring two PC codes for each of the following 2K video games:

  • New Borderlands Standard Edition Tales
  • Quarry Deluxe Edition
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Chaotic Great Edition
  • NBA 2K23 Jordan Edition
  • WWE 2K22 nWo version
  • PGA TOUR 2K23 Deluxe Edition

Wccfech thanks 2K for providing the prizes. To enter each giveaway, fill out the respective form below. We will contact randomly selected winners on Saturday, December 4th. Good luck and God bless you!

New Tales from Borderlands PC Giveaway

Giveaway PC Quarry

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands PC Gift

NBA 2K23 PC Giveaway

WWE 2K22 Gift for PC

PGA TOUR 2K23 PC Giveaway

We’ve reviewed all of these 2K video games (except PGA TOUR 2K23) in the past few months. Below, you’ll find a summary of what we thought about each of them.

The best thing you can say about New Tales from the Borderlands is that it makes you appreciate how good the folks at Telltale Games are at what they do. While Gearbox’s latest installment is more technically impressive than the Telltale series, the old, annoying characters, slapdash plot, and choices that don’t feel important turn the game’s short runtime into an effort. These tales are new, but they certainly haven’t gotten any better. 5/10

The Quarry is another impressive title from Supermassive Games. While it doesn’t deviate from their previous titles, their ability to write an interesting story with compelling characters only gets better. Featuring numerous herrings and red rolls, The Quarry will keep you guessing and give you increasing influence on how the story unfolds. There are still a few niggles here and there, like sloth-like character movement and some facial animation and vocal quirks, but this looks better than ever and features an excellent soundtrack. If you are a fan of Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures games, you will love this one; Especially since the bigger budget comes with a much larger cast and a bigger, more branching story. 9/10

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduces some new aspects to the series, with more of the classic nearly unbeatable gun encounters and unbridled combat. It’s a vibrant, slightly disjointed world ready for exploration and trouble. While it’s missing some marks, this is a standalone series that fans will enjoy and fans of high fantasy will laugh or roll their eyes. 8.5/10

NBA 2K23 builds on last year’s solid entry with some well-thought-out changes on the court, a deeper and more satisfying career mode, and a host of accessible tweaking content. Most refreshingly, almost none of these add-ons are designed to drive extra spending. If Visual Concepts stay hungry, NBA 2K23 could be the start of a new dynasty that will be proud of its cover star. 9/10

WWE 2K22 is a huge improvement over its disgraced predecessor, featuring some clever tweaks to the core gameplay and fan-favorite modes. However, the promises of a “completely rebuilt” experience ring hollow as it’s clear that the old technology is still being used, and while the action has been improved, it still falls short of most other combat or combat sports you can name. Your reaction to the game will largely depend on how you felt about the 2K series before its hiatus, with those who still see it likely to have a good time. However, don’t expect WWE 2K22 to go beyond mid-card status if your patience is really running out. 6.5/10

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