Wayfinder is an online ARPG from Airship Syndicate; AMD Partnership confirmed PC test merit

Wayfinder is the official name for Project Skylight, an online role-playing game in development at Airship Syndicate that will be published by Digital Extremes. The MMO-lite title was revealed at The Game Awards 2022 after four years of development.

The fictional world of Evenor is slowly being consumed by a mysterious force called Gloom. However, the gloom is ultimately used to resurrect the fallen heroes, my name is Wayfinders. The game is character-based, so players will choose from a selection of heroes (six at launch).

Chaos control: Customize each gaming experience by navigating through a file
A gateway to infinite motion with the help of a mysterious device known as the Gloom
dagger. Each adventure has unique modifiers and challenges that you conjure up and control.
Customize what you hunt and collect.
Be a pathfinder: Born from Gloom, the Wayfinders practice mystical and arcane magic
Technology, or cunning weapons, to restore the balance of a broken world. Customize the way
You fight by selecting your weapons, gear and increasing your power by using
Echoes of your fallen enemies.
Explore and collect: Go on hunting trips and expeditions to discover what’s new
locations, fight new enemies and even awaken the mighty Wayfinders. Collect and craft
Weapons and gear as you complete and master your Atlas. Participate in the live broadcast
Events with constant character based content updates.
stronger together: Wayfinders are stronger together. of adventure with
Friends for the development of your apartment and its powerful aficionados in the neighborhood, all of it
Your social interactions, personality, and housing development are linked to each other more than others
An important topic… each other.

The playtest will be available on PC from December 13, with registrations now open on the game’s website. Wayfinder is set to debut in Early Access next spring on PC and PlayStation consoles, with a full release scheduled for fall 2023 on “multiple platforms.” Renowned comic book artist and game designer Joe Madureira, Creative Director at Wayfinder and CEO of Airship Syndicate stated:

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Developing new IPs and fantasy worlds is one of our greatest joys, and our studio is built around the same purpose. I hope the world of Wayfinder will be a place that millions of gamers will enjoy returning to and immersing themselves in for years to come.

We have an exclusive interview with Joe Madureira and Airship Syndicate’s Director of Marketing and Engagement AJ LaSaracina airing shortly. Ahead of that, Wccftech can confirm that Wayfinder will be an AMD partnership game on PC, and the developers have already said that FSR 2.0 is in the game.

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