Vampire Survivors Getting More DLC In 2023, Dave Working On Non-Vampire Stuff

Vampire Survivors was undoubtedly the organic indie hit of 2023, coming from nowhere and one amateur developer, and continued to dominate the Steam charts for most of the back half of the year. Well, we’re approaching a new year and Luca Galante, creator of Vampire Survivor, has provided an update on the plans he and his studio Poncle have for the game.

First, if you’ve been waiting to play the game on Switch or PlayStation, it might happen, as Luca has hinted that the game will be coming to more platforms (excluding Teslas). Meanwhile, more work is being done on the mobile version, which has been somewhat rushed to market in order to combat the tsunami of cheap Vampire Survivor clones. A new engine is coming to PC as well, though players will be able to choose whether they want to play on the original engine or the new engine.

The first DLC pack for the vampire Survivors, Legacy of the Moonspell, was also a hit, so expect more in 2023. Luca hints that the other DLC packs will be similar in scope and content to the first pack, which introduced 8 new survivors, 13 weapons, and a new stage. big. The flip side to the greater focus on DLC is that there will likely be fewer free feature updates.

Finally, Luca hints that there are some interesting things going on on Bunkle’s plane, including something “weird and big” and things that are “not exclusively about vampire survivors.” Nations!

“A lot of things, not exclusively related to Vampire Survivors, are being made behind the scenes at Bunkel. Something weird and big (in terms of pixels) is coming soon to Steam public-beta, and since the legacy Moonspell DLC succeeds, The Directer will soon be introducing Survivor Transport. To another world in search of vampire… Do you have any suggestions where to try next? The journey only ends when you decide to go down! Or we found a vampire I think.”

Vampire Survivors can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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