Twitter will charge $11 per month for Twitter Blue on iPhone and $7 per month for website

A few days ago, we talked about how Elon Musk decided to suspend Twitter Blue indefinitely until the company could find a way to circumvent paying the 30% fee that the company charges Apple. At this point, it seemed impossible for the owner of Twitter to come up with a solution to the problem, but we now have some reports claiming what’s going to happen.

Twitter finally found a way to pay Apple the 30% fee and still have Twitter Blue on your iPhone

According to a report by The Information, to make up for the lost 30%, Twitter will charge $11 per month for Twitter Blue on the iPhone and $7 per month for it on the website.

These prices have been revised to reflect the company’s mandatory Apple fee, but it’s also worth noting that before this new change went into effect, Twitter Blue was $7.99. The source also mentions that the new decision is only available to some employees, but this is no longer surprising, given that everything that happens in Twitter HQ is very rushed.

For anyone wondering about the subscription price increase on iPhones. This is because it would give Twitter the leverage to get around the 30% fee without losing any money, and if you do the math, the number isn’t far off the math.

However, for those wondering if this will affect Twitter Blue on Apple devices, this will not be the case because at the end of the day, Apple is more concerned about its 30% stake. With Twitter’s new increased pricing plan, they’ll get their share, and Twitter Blue will be available to everyone.

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As far as availability is concerned, we still don’t know when the service will be available for everyone to use. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops and whether or not there are any changes to the subscription and what it offers.

Are you willing to pay the extra $11 for Twitter Blue on iPhone? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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