Throne and Liberty MMORPG gets new screenshots and details in its director’s preview

Today, NCSoft shared a director’s preview video of the next-generation MMORPG Game of Thrones and Liberty.

In a 10-minute clip, the game developer and Korean publisher showed off new locations and scenes while also revealing some new details about the game. First of all, producer Ahn Jong-OK talked about the implications of having a completely seamless world (including dungeons).

The world, which has no borders, is the basis that allows players to communicate with each other. It allows infinite ways to interact. Take, for example, an underground dungeon, with a separate entrance and main area. It has multiple floors and spaces, but we connected all the spaces together. You can immediately go to the basement.

Help can be given, or damage can be done to others on different floors. By connecting the inner, outer, upper and lower parts of the dungeon, we hope that players can share this common spatial experience. Moreover, instead of just rushing across the fields, players can discover their own paths in the 3D terrain of Throne and Freedom.

The reason we’ve connected the world to one region is because meeting others, building communities, and discovering who we are is at the heart of an MMO.

Throne and Liberty design director Lee Moon-seob took the blame to say that the game features a classless system where roles are determined by the two weapons players choose. Moon Seop also revealed that PvP combat will not be forced upon unwilling players.

Most TL fields are safe zones. Once competitions such as regional events or boss raids begin, some fields allow combat. Players can preemptively choose to participate or not.

In whatever territory the player is in, they can check out planned events and competitions, allowing for strategic play and ensuring that players have no chance of running into unforeseen PvP situations. The world of Throne and Liberty consists of various different regions, and the competitions are based on the background stories of each region. For those regional events, all players in a specific region can participate. Players will compete for about 20 minutes to move up the rankings.

Guilds would fight for control of the so-called Possession Stones. The guild you control gets “enhanced abilities” and some necessary raw materials.

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Finally, NCSoft confirmed that Throne and Liberty is targeting a worldwide release on next-gen PC and consoles in the first half of 2023. However, it will also be possible to stream the game to mobile devices, most likely through the cloud.

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