The Valheim biome “Ashlands” is teased, difficulty settings and new missions are coming in the meantime

After much excitement and anticipation, Valheim finally delivered the Mistlands update late last year, and now the game developers are looking ahead. In a new development update, Iron Gate Studio has teased the game’s next new biome, Ashlands. Located at the southernmost end of the map, Ashland is described as a “land of the dead” with “quite a volcanic nature”. So, skeletons, zombies, And Lava – oh boy! The Iron Gate shared a follow-up to two pieces of enemy Ashlands concept art.


The Ashlands update is still in pre-production, so it may not arrive for a while, but Iron Gate promises it won’t be as secretive as it was with Mistlands.

“When it comes to the development itself, there is something we would like to do very differently this time around. With Maestlands we have been very discreet. It is great for those who want to discover as much as possible for themselves (which is the main reason we hide so much), but it is also not Very transparent. So, our ambition in developing Ashlands is to show you a lot of the process. That means you’ll see things in their early stages, maybe even things that won’t end up in the game at all, but also hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of the extent to which Evolution has come.”

Fortunately, there will be things to keep players busy while they wait for Ashlands to arrive. Iron Gate promises new difficulty and accessibility settings, as well as something called the Hildir Quest, which should introduce some new challenges…and hairstyles.

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We’ve talked about adding some new difficulty settings, and we’re working on something we’re currently calling the Hildir Quest! […] Hildir’s Quest will also have some other fun stuff, like an extra NPC (namesake Hildir herself) and a way for you to re-style your existing characters’ hair! […] Another thing we want to do in the future is to improve the accessibility of the game. This is long overdue, but we eventually want to add some options so that more people can enjoy Valheim.”

Finally, Iron Gate is developing some new costumes, which will be added soon…


Valheim is playable on PC, and an Xbox version is set to launch early this year.

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