The Tekken 8 TGA 2022 trailer shows the gameplay

Previously on Tekken 8, the upcoming entry was teased very blatantly at EVO 2022 with an in-engine model by Kazuya Mishima, and then was revealed in full the following month. Powered by Unreal 5, the game featured a battle between Kazuya and series veteran Jin Kazama, all in the engine entirely.

This brings us to earlier tonight, at The Game Awards 2022, where a brand new trailer for Tekken 8 was revealed, showing off more of the gameplay. More gameplay Showcase many classic characters in the engine, including Paul, King, JACK, and more. You can watch the new trailer below.

Several characters appear to have various minor redesigns, while others (like King) retain their Tekken 7 appearances in almost a one-on-one comparison. The cinematics of the game’s story shown all confirm that Devil Jin will also be playable in some capacities (be it unlockables, DLC, or just the base game).

Something notable is that Jun Kazama is shown throughout the trailer, hinting that she might be playable as well, making it the first time she’s appeared in a main series entry since Tekken 2 back in 1995 (excluding spin-offs like Tekken Tag Championship Series where she appeared in both matches). By comparison, Jun is one of the few characters to appear in a Tekken title early on and be carried over to spin-offs later (others include Prototype Jack, Dr. Bosconovitch, and more).

The menu size (or small) will still be visible, but in the form of mechanics, Rage Arts may very well return (think of them like Super Arts in Street Fighter, relatively speaking). We will continue to update Tekken 8 with the release of more characters, mechanics, stages, and story content.

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Tekken 8 is scheduled to release sometime in the future on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam. Pre-order information and DLC information are currently unavailable at this time. In other news, pre-orders for Street Fighter 6 are available now, and a new trailer for the game was released during the ceremony.

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