The study shows that the Apple Watch can accurately predict stress levels

The Apple Watch is a very capable device that can detect many health-related symptoms. With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple brought the ability to check an ECG right on your wrist. According to a new study, researchers have found that your Apple Watch can accurately identify stress levels through various metrics.

The Apple Watch can accurately measure stress levels using an ECG and other metrics, according to a new study

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, which indicates that the Apple Watch can predict a user’s stress levels (via MyHealthyApple). The researchers used the ECG sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6 and found that the data had a strong association with heart rate acceleration and deceleration ability when participants reported stress levels. The researchers then developed and applied machine learning algorithms to create a prediction model.

The models generated are reported to have a “high level of accuracy” but lower recall. According to the study, the Apple Watch has “promising” capabilities for detecting stress levels. In addition, because the wearable device is able to collect additional information related to the user’s health, such as sleep and activity information, more data points can be linked to form stress levels more accurately.

The ECG feature on Apple Watch Series 6 and later

Apple does not offer stress measurement at this point, but the researchers claim that the Apple Watch can be used effectively to help with mental health care. Moreover, Apple can offer stress prevention exercises such as breathing and much more to get rid of stress signals. Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin already offer stress management scores, but Apple has yet to offer a similar feature in its Healths app.

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At this point, we’re not aware if Apple is working on introducing a stress management feature to wearable devices, but we’ll update you as soon as more details become available. Share your views with us in the comments.

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