The Rubicon Core Six Armored Fires may contain elements of the Soul series, but many of them will be a radical departure

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon will be the first entry in the series by From Software to be released after the Souls series was a huge success, but fans of the Japanese studio shouldn’t expect the game to have several elements lifted from the series, accordingly. For a known insider.

In a new post shared on the ResetEra forums, Omnipotent, who correctly disclosed information about several software titles, including Elden Ring, provided an interesting clarification as to whether the next entry in the series will be affected by the Souls series. In their explanation, Omnipotent highlighted that Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon may contain elements from the Souls games, but only because they have been in the franchise before and form a core part of From Software’s design philosophy. At the same time, the game will have elements that will be a radical departure from Souls when it comes to gameplay loop, structure, and more.

While the game may have elements that are in line with the Souls games, that’s because those elements were present in the franchise before Souls even came out as they are the mainstays of Fromsoft’s design language as a group. But it will also contain many elements that make it a radical departure from the Souls games in its inherent design and structure as well as the overall gameplay loop and moment which means it may not be to every Souls fan’s taste. Because they are not armored spirits, they are basic armorers and there is nothing wrong with that. So let’s keep our expectations under control.

The Armored Core VI of Rubicon fires was announced last week during The Game Awards 2022 show, though it’s been known to be in development for some time. The new entry in the series will have massive 3D environments, satisfying progression system, and much more.

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Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon launches on yet to be confirmed platforms sometime in 2023. We’ll keep you posted on the game as soon as more comes out, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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