The Pixel 7 Pro gets an improved macro mode with new macro focus settings

When you talk about stock camera apps, things hardly beat Google Camera. For years, this app has been a dream of modders who have moved it on other devices and get all the benefits. Google has worked hard on the app and if the request alone doesn’t show it, look no further than the fact that the app is getting new features as we move forward. Today, Google has updated Google Camera to version 8.7.250. With the new update, the Pixel 7 Pro is getting Macro Focus settings, and the app will no longer support the double-tap gesture.

The new Google Camera update improves the overall Pixel 7 Pro experience with macro mode

For those who are wondering, true macro cameras are not that common on smartphones. So, how do you get the macro? Well the ultra wide angle gets auto focus mode and that helps get a really low close focus distance allowing precise shot. It’s good, but it’s not as good as a dedicated macro sensor. At launch, Google turned on Auto Macro, which allowed the camera to switch between sensors when focusing at close range. This is similar to how focus works on Galaxy phones, but Google has removed the automatic macro toggles entirely and opted for a drop-down menu for a better experience.

The strange exception that the Pixel 7 Pro ran into is that the latest version of Google Camera has also removed the double-tap action. Previously, this feature let you use the gesture and zoom or switch between cameras. The feature was removed from previous Pixel phones, and now Google has started excluding it from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones.

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The update is currently rolling out, so go ahead and install it on your Google Pixel 7 Pro and let us know how your experience has been so far.

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