The next entry in the Tomb Raider series is single-player, and will star “Confident” Lara, Amazon Publishing

Early this year, Crystal Dynamics announced that it was developing the next entry in the Tomb Raider series, but other than the fact that it’s being produced using Unreal Engine 5, not many specific details have been shared. Well, now more about the game has been revealed along with a surprise publisher – Amazon Games.

According to Amazon’s press release announcing the publication, the new Tomb Raider game will be a “narrative-driven, single-player adventure.” That may cause some sighs, as rumors of the game featuring a team of younger Tomb Raiders had some fearing a live-action or multiplayer game in the works. Definitely take those rumors about the raiders team with a grain of salt — for now, the official word is that the new Tomb Raider will feature a “confident” and “interdimensional” Lara Croft that will tackle “environments that reward exploration and creative pathfinding, with puzzles.” mind-boggling to solve, and a variety of enemies to face and overcome.” Looks like we might be getting a little bit of an old Tomb Raider comeback!

As for the announcement that Amazon will be publishing a new Tomb Raider, it’s certainly unexpected as the Embracer Group recently acquired Crystal Dynamics. You’d think Embracer would want to self-publish the game through one of their posters, but I think Amazon made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Crystal Dynamics studio head Scott Amos refers to “the world of Lara Croft” in a statement about the publishing agreement…

“Crystal Dynamics has an extraordinary opportunity following our acquisition by Embracer to redefine the publishing relationship for Tomb Raider. Change is what we are looking for, and with Amazon Games, we have found a team that shares our creative vision, ambitions and values ​​for the Lara Croft universe across a range of possibilities. They are positioned to redefine Writing what co-publishing and development are all about, we’re eager to forge this new path together, starting with building the biggest and best Tomb Raider game yet!”

The platforms and release window for the upcoming Tomb Raider game have yet to be revealed. what do you think? Does the crumb of information you provide us with look promising?

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