The new One Piece Odyssey Mod increases the difficulty

One Piece Odyssey is among the best games based on the Eiichiro Oda series ever, but it’s not without its flaws. Chief among them is the low difficulty level, which makes most of the game a cakewalk even for those who aren’t RPG experts.

While console gamers don’t have many options to increase the difficulty of the game developed by ILCA, PC gamers can now make One Piece Odyssey even more challenging with a new Narkon mod now available for download from Nexus Mods that measure all enemies stats and other mechanic mods such as bonus Experience and more.

Experience bonus: 95%
Life Points: 130%
Attack: 170%
Defense: 130%
Luck: 125%
Agility: +2
Resistance boost: +15%

Experience bonus: 97%
Life Points: 120%
Attack: 150%
Defense: 125%
Luck: 115%
Agility: +1
Resistance boost: +10%

Zone 1 Bonus: 80%
Makes Luffy a little weaker than Slash but a little stronger than Sleep.
Makes Zoro slightly stronger against confusion but slightly weaker against sleep.
It makes Sanji weaker than magic.
Makes Nami a little weak to impress.

Aside from the low difficulty and a few other issues, One Piece Odyssey is a solid JRPG and a celebration of the series that all fans will enjoy, as Kai explained in his review of the PlayStation 5 version.

As a turn-based JRPG, One Piece Odyssey hits the mark more often than not and is one of the high-quality licensed IP titles to come from the Shonen Jump lineage of manga, but there’s something missing from making this adventure truly special. If fans are looking to celebrate Oda’s work, this Odyssey is a trip worth taking. However, if you’re considering this is your first voyage on the Going Merry, a few hundred light reading classes might be the key ingredient you need to get the most out of becoming Nakama Luffy.

One Piece Odyssey is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S worldwide.

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