The new Infinity Shining Memory update adds Third-person mode, Toon view on PC, and more

A brand new update, Bright Memory Infinite, has been released across all platforms to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The new update introduces a new third-person assist mode that allows players to see Shelia’s model when moving and firing a weapon without aiming. This mode will not be active when using skills, aiming, defending, grappling, or using the Light Blade. Additionally, this new update adds support for Toon Rendering on PC. This mod makes Shelia a chain-shaded toon style. As said, this mode is only available for the PC version.

Also new in this update is support for two new costume DLC – the School Bunny Costume and the Cyber ​​Rabbit Costume. Last but not least, this update contains several improvements and fixes, all of which are listed below in the official release notes.

  • Perspective assist mode
    The Shelia form will only display while moving and firing the weapon without aiming. The camera will switch back to first person when aiming with skills, using Light Blade, defending and grappling.
  • New Rabbit School Uniform DLC for Shelia
  • New Cyber ​​Rabbit DLC for Shelia
  • Added Toon view form for Shelia
    Press the home key in the game to switch models.
  • Change tiger doll with bunny doll in car chase mission
  • Improved NPC character models and improved frame rate.
  • Improved the lightning effects of the Six-armed Emperor’s lightning attack and improved frame rate.
  • Enhanced GPU handling of flame effects when Giant King is in his second form.
  • Improved the “weapon check” action of the assault rifle to make arm movement more natural.
  • Improved motion blur after the stealth mission.
  • The skins list has been modified to show the most recent skins first.
  • Shelia’s model has been improved in the skins menu so that her left arm is in a more natural position.
  • Improved lighting in the skins menu.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon scan with crosshairs off would prevent you from picking up items or shooting.
  • Fixed an issue where players could attack while climbing.

Bright Memory Infinite is available globally now for PC and consoles (and smart devices).

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