The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i offers a unique twist on a laptop with its dual-screen OLED display

Lenovo introduced the new Yoga Book 9i, the first device to offer a full-size, dual-screen OLED display on a laptop but offer a foldable design. Two PureSight OLED screens sit side by side to allow for a nearly seamless workplace, and increase productivity by opening apps and windows on separate screens.

Lenovo thinks outside the box with the new Yoga Book 9i with a dual OLED screen and plenty of space with its “multi-mode +” design

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is a “multi-mode +” Windows 11 laptop that is powered by the Intel Evo platform. The battery is optimized to last all day before needing a recharge. The amplifier delivers 360 degrees of sound through Bowers and Wilkins subwoofers. The keyboard is Bluetooth and detachable, and the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i comes with a stylus and screen folio stand. The expected launch window is summer 2023.

Lenovo Yoga Book 9’s unique design is attractive because the company does not consider this more than a tablet or 2-in-1 system. Also, the added advantage of the foldable design, as Samsung took over CES 2023 this year with its smooth and foldable design, differs in that it is two separate screens of the same size , which enhances screen space when both sides are in Portrait mode.

Lenovo-Yoga-book-9 i-laptop_2

Productivity was also a big focus at CES this year, as more companies are looking to make screens larger so that users have plenty of room to open many windows. Most PC users with HD displays can have enough screen space to get email, a web browser, and applications on one screen with plenty of room to breathe. Also, more users are purchasing different monitors to reap the benefits of having one or more monitors in Portrait modes which also limit neck strain.

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Lenovo’s unique design of the Yoga Book 9i appears to benefit the same design aspect of laptop users and may prompt more companies to focus on powerful laptops with dual screens or other innovative designs. Plus, 18-inch laptops are back this year at CES after missing the market for nearly a decade. This could be the year when productivity reigns supreme in the digital-hybrid workplaces that have evolved over the past few years.

News sources: Lenovo, YouTube

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