The Last of Us Part 3 was taken up by Druckmann who believes there is “more story to tell”

The Last of Us HBO series premieres later this month, and the hype train is in full swing as the show and its creators receive a huge profile in The Hollywood Reporter. The article is full of interesting tidbits — Sam Raimi almost made a TLOU movie, Maisie Williams and Kaitlyn Dever were considered as Ellie — but perhaps the most interesting information involves how the series relates to the games to the future of the franchise in general.

There has been some speculation as to how the HBO series The Last of US will adapt the games. Will the show stick strictly to the games plot, or will it eventually wind up and tell its own stories? According to The Hollywood Reporter article, the entire first season will cover the first game. Then, it was hinted, but not entirely confirmed, that Season 2 would immediately jump to an adaptation of The Last of Us Part 2. In other words, while the series is called, it’s not in the traditional sense, as Druckmann’s goal is to adapt the games in a movie-like fashion. But hey, as Druckmann points out, that means they won’t end up with a Game of-Thrones-style dilemma where TV writers end up getting ahead of themselves and don’t know how to end things.

“We have no plans to tell any stories other than adapting the games. We’re not going to have the same problem as Game of Thrones because the sequel doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.”

Well, but could there be more material in the form of a new game? We’ve been hearing rumors The Last of Us sequel might be Druckmann’s next thing, but then he seemed to seed the rumors. Well, while Druckmann wouldn’t confirm anything, he does say he believes “there are more stories to tell.” Maybe he’s using the newly-acquired writer’s room for his next game project to come up with these stories.

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In other The Last of Us news, Naughty Dog announced that the franchise has surpassed 37 million copies sold and released a new piece of concept art for TLOU’s upcoming multiplayer project.

The Last of Us HBO Series will premiere on January 15th. Will it be followed? And where do you think the truth lies when it comes to TLOU3?

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