The Last of Us Part 3 rumors sound shaky as Druckmann warns to be wary of ‘Insider’ info

Late last month, rumors surfaced that creator Neil Druckmann, the head of Naughty Dog, would be directing The Last of Us Part 3 as his next project. The information, which came from a source known for accurate movie leaks, but rarely entered the world of video games, met with mixed reception. Understandably, some were excited about more TLOU, but others may have been hoping for a respite from Druckmann’s bleak, post-apocalyptic world.

Well, the The Last of Us Part 3 rumors are starting to look a little shaky. As part of his New Year’s message, Neil Druckmann specifically urged fans to be wary of the insiders, because so much of what they write is false. While Druckmann doesn’t mention TLOU3 specifically, that’s the only big rumor that’s been circulating about Druckmann and Naughty Dog lately, so there’s a good chance that’s what he’s talking about.

For what it’s worth, Geoff Keighley also showed up with the ol’ side-eye emoji.

Of course, Druckmann is probably just trying to muddy the waters, and TLOU3 is really the next thing. We’ll have to wait and see. Back in 2020, around the time Naughty Dog was wrapping TLOU2, Druckmann said he wasn’t sure if the third entry in the series or a new IP would be next for him. What we do know is that the writer’s room has already been assembled for the next step, and that it may be more TV-like and of an episodic structure.

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Hey, Druckmann already has a lot of things announced to keep him busy, including The Last of Us HBO series, which debuts Jan. 15, and a new The Last of Us multiplayer project, which currently doesn’t have a solid release window.

What’s your opinion? Does Druckmann jump right into The Last of Us Part 3? Or will Naughty Dog try something new?

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