The Game Awards 2022 breaks multiple records; Show Trended #1 worldwide

The Game Awards 2022 have come and gone, and we’ve seen several surprises throughout the announcements and…a slightly impromptu ending. Regardless, the show has continued to be a worldwide success, eg Jeff Kelly stated The award show has broken many records in terms of viewership and popularity.

There’s a lot to go guys. However, some interesting data can be gleaned from all the stats that Keighley has published about The Game Awards 2022. The most important is that the show is Trended #1 worldwide, including all the top five trends worldwide. Geoff Keighley’s tweet also stated that the show hit a viewership milestone.

Another interesting fact about The Game Awards is that the Steam Deck giveaway that took place on the aforementioned platform witnessed During 9.5 million unique customers watch The Game Awards live stream, with a peak audience of over 850,000 concurrent users. A lot of people must be wanting to get their hands on Steam Deck.

In this next tweet, Geoff Keighley shared the total viewer numbers The Game Awards have had over the years. You may notice an upward trend that culminates in the 2022 show which has over 100 million views.

Now, all that remains is to wait for 2023 to present the 10th annual Game Awards show to see if it can attract more viewership. It will definitely be something interesting to look out for when we see the next show coming. Of course, the real part of the show will always lie in the ads, which have certainly become a staple of the show over the years.

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