The Forspoken PlayStation 5 demo can display resolution up to 720p in Performance mode, a new video analysis reveals

Forspoken received a playable demo next week, but most of them haven’t been impressed by the game’s open-world mechanics. The visuals and performance don’t get much better, as the demo can go up to 720p resolution in performance mode, according to a new video analysis.

A new frame rate test video shared by VG Tech reveals that the Performance Demo mode uses dynamic resolution with the highest resolution being 1440p and the lowest being 720p, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s played the demo, as the game often looks somewhat blurry. . Performance mode also uses FSR 2.0 to reconstruct the image at 1440p resolution when the resolution drops.

Quality mode has slightly higher resolution in both 30fps and 40fps modes with also mathematical improvements to drawing distance over the other modes. On the other hand, ray tracing mode has hybrid ray tracing shadows and better perimeter closure but lower higher resolution compared to normal quality mode.

While battles focused on magic and parkour are Forspoken’s most notable features, the game will also have its quieter moments, as Kai made clear in his recent hands-on preview. It remains to be seen how balanced the gaming experience will be, but gamers won’t have long to wait to find out, as the game launches on PC and PlayStation 5 on January 24, 2023.

The majority of the third act revolves around Fry being captured (and serially released) upon her arrival in Sibal City, except that a young woman named Odin Kane, daughter of Shrimp and Calista Kane, asks for her help in choosing. Even something seems to have been lost in the intermission. During these short escape sequences, players are introduced to both stealth sequences and scripted walking-and-talking segments that feel alarmingly slow compared to the faster traversal.

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