The first consumer model is expected to sell for less than $100,000

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Similar to the promise of nuclear fusion, the long-awaited Apple car remains a not-too-distant possibility, judging by the influx of near-new updates that regularly hit the financial media.

Bloomberg has now reported that the Apple car may not be launched until 2026. Keep in mind that the electric car was previously expected to be launched by 2025.

Initially, the Apple Car — or Titan, as the project is known internally at Apple — was envisioned as a fully autonomous electric car without a steering wheel or pedals. However, Apple appears to have scaled back its autonomy ambitions over the past few months, Bloomberg reports. Reportedly, the EV will now be equipped with a steering wheel and other tools for human-driven driving, with self-driving capability reserved for highways. This means that the Apple Car will not differ much from a number of other electric vehicles with L2 autonomy at the moment. The EV might be dumber than your typical Tesla.

The Apple Car project has been marred by years of delays and departures of key team members. The project’s current leader, Kevin Lynch, has sought to bring some much-needed stability to Titan’s lofty ambitions, with reducing the electric vehicle’s autonomy obligations a large part of grounding the project in terms of its technological limitations.

In other news, the Apple Car will feature a powerful onboard computer codenamed Denali. Bloomberg reports that the Denali features a processor whose performance is equivalent to about four of Apple’s best Mac chips combined. The processor is ready for production, but Apple may soften its specifications before the EV launch to reduce costs.

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While Tesla relies solely on its vision-based Autopilot system, the Apple Car is expected to seek signals from a range of sensors for navigation, including LiDAR, radar, and cameras.

The EV will also feature cloud-based AI processing capability, with the iPhone maker paying Amazon Web Services $125 million annually for this hosting service.

Initially, Apple intended to retail its electric cars at more than $120,000. However, the iPhone maker now intends to sell the Apple Car for less than $100,000. Apple intends to finish designing the car by 2023 and conduct extensive testing in 2025.

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