The director of Core VI has stated that the game will not contain Soulsborne mechanics

We have some information regarding Armored Core VI, the latest highly anticipated game from FromSoftware that has stirred up a lot of intrigue since its announcement at the 2022 Game Awards. Today, the game developers spoke to IGN about the upcoming game mechanics while also talking about the drastic shift that this entry will be.

The radical shift in question comes from the fact that the game will focus solely on working with what made Armored Core work in the first place rather than adding Soulsborne elements to it. If you remember from… Not too long ago, an FromSoftware insider mentioned that Armored Core VI would have some Soulsborne elements. However, FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki stated the opposite, speaking about what FromSoftware aims to do with this entry:

primary direction [Armored Core VI] is to go back and take a good look at the basic concept of Armored Core and what made this series special. So we wanted to take the assembly side, assemble and customize your mechanical – your air conditioner – and then be able to impose a high level of control on the assembled machinery. So we wanted to take these two core concepts and re-examine them in our modern environment.

[…] So the real drive for this project, I think, or at least one of the real appeals for me comes from that aspect of assembly, being able to really freely assemble and customize the mechanism, I think what we’re really focused on is the armored core. […] There really is a much higher degree of freedom here, and the ability to see these influences both in the game, as part of the world-building, and as part of your player choices, we feel is a very big part of what makes Armored Kor special.

Armored Core VI Game Director Masaru Yamamura also shared some of his thoughts regarding the direction this new entry in the Armored Core series will take:

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for [Armored Core VI]Continuing to attack the strongest enemy, the impact force can break the enemy’s position and deal a large amount of damage – a critical hit. This is the starting point for changing the slow and fast speed of battle, and when combined with long-range firefighting and close combat combat, the enemy and his machine will violently engage each other, creating the most aggressive and dynamic battle that mechas can engage.

You want to create chances for yourself in the fight and turn the fight in the player’s favor. What we feel is this will create a great flow back and forth in battles in Armored Core VI, create this great mix of offensive and defensive play… but we want the player to feel like they can constantly pressure the enemy and that’s why we’ve integrated some of those systems.


The lead went on to talk about the wide range of weapons that players have access to. Instead of focusing only on close combat, players will mainly have access to guns, ammunition, and missiles. There’s still something for melee-based players in Armored Core VI, though:

We have different weapons for different ranges and different encounters, both in the hands and in the back as well as for missiles and cannons and things like that. But we wanted to focus on melee as well, so if players are inclined that way, we have some nice melee options if they want to dive in and get into close combat as well.

It has also been confirmed that Armored Core VI will feature a multiplayer mode. Similar to previous Armored Core titles, players can customize their mechs and take them into battle with others. However, the details surrounding this upcoming multiplayer experience will be revealed at a later date.

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Yamamura also confirmed that the game will feature a mission-based structure for the single-player component of the game. Talk about how the story of Armored Core VI will also be a new experience without direct ties to the previous games in terms of the ongoing story. The developers also spoke briefly about the game’s difficulty, with Yamamura stating the following:

With Armored Core VI, we wanted to focus on these really intense and challenging mecha battles. We’ve generally tried to keep it on the hard side, but that doesn’t mean it’s a flat difficulty line all the time. We wanted to make some nice changes in cadence and some good balance between difficulty and level of challenge.

It can vary depending on the type of task. It depends on the enemies you will face in those missions. It depends on how you want to group a mech. But that’s one approach we wanted to take, which is to have the player decide how they want to group up and how they want to approach each mission, and then have that nice balance of challenge level throughout the missions and throughout the campaign.

Some avid readers may have already noticed this, but to make this even more poignant. The game will move away from many Soulsborne elements to focus solely on the things that made Armored Core a recognizable staple in FromSoftware’s library. Armored Core VI will have a mission build, you will have to focus on customization more than before, and the battle will be more aggressive than before.

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Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon launches on yet to be confirmed platforms sometime in 2023. We’ll keep you posted on the game as soon as more comes out, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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