The Death Stranding PC is free to grab on the Epic Games Store

Epic’s Christmas gift is Death Stranding PC, and you still have about seven hours to add it permanently to your library at the time of writing.

Kojima Productions’ first game was originally released on the platform in July 2020, roughly eight months after the PlayStation 4’s launch. In a Wccftech review, Francesco De Meo rated the game 9 out of 10.

Death Stranding PC is just as polarizing as it is on PlayStation 4, and it’s very much the same game. Hideo Kojima is at his best, however, a very cohesive artistic vision that is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. The best way to enjoy Death Stranding is to have a very open mind and treat it for what it is: a journey into the deepest reaches of the human mind that won’t always be fun.

With over the top production values ​​and a very engaging storyline, Death Stranding is among Hideo Kojima’s best games. However, the moment-to-moment gameplay falls short due to its repetition, and long stretches without any real action make it hard to recommend the game to all open-world fans. Death Stranding is something different, and only approaching it with an open mind will reveal the brilliance of its themes, characters, and beautiful dystopian world.

For the record, the Epic Games Store freebie originally allowed users to redeem a copy of the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding, but that was changed to the base version of the game. It was likely a mistake. Users can still upgrade to the Director’s Cut (which adds new features, including an extended story, new stealth missions, combat abilities, inventory, buildable structures, cosmetic options, and more) at the discounted price of $5.99.

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As a reminder, a live-action movie adaptation was recently announced. Kojima Production is also working on Death Stranding 2 for PlayStation 5, though it seems likely that a sequel may eventually also come to PC.

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