The Colosseum at the Elden Ring is a decent diversion that only a few will enjoy for long

Since its release in February, Elden Ring has received several free updates that changed the balance of the game and fixed many issues, but none of them introduced new content for the open world game by From Software. However, that has finally changed with the free update 1.08, which unlocks three Colosseum gates in the Lands Between, which has long been suspected to be part of the developer’s plans to expand their game.

While not the main focus of their experiences, PvP has always been an important part of all entries in the Souls series, and the same is true of the Elden Ring, although changes to the conquest mechanics over the previous games made it difficult to Hardcore PvPer for actual duels with other players. The introduction of the Three Colosseums, and with them three new PvP modes, finally allows these players to duel to their heart’s content, as the Royal Capital Colosseum grants access to Duel Mode, a simple versus one mode where two players can battle against another. without distraction. Each match consists of one round and can last up to 180 seconds.

The other two Colosseums are located in Limgrave and Caelid and offer two other PvP modes called United Combat and Combat Ordeal. In the first, players are divided into two teams, and the team with the highest number of kills wins. The second mode works the same as the first mode, only that it’s all warped to itself. By participating in these two PvP modes of the Caelid Colosseum, it is possible to play a version that allows Tarnished to use Spirit Ashes for a more intense combat experience.

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Only a few days after the grand opening of the new Elden Ring Colosseum, matches are pretty easy to find, although there is a random connection glitch here and there that can lengthen matchmaking times. The grid icon typical of the Souls series wasn’t changed with the update, so the delay still makes it difficult to understand if an opponent has hit you. In the future, I hope From Software will eventually look at its network code and improve things accordingly to provide a smoother experience. However, the online experience isn’t what makes this new addition to the Elden Ring any less exciting. While it’s nice that From Software finally gives PvP fans something to enjoy, I feel like very few people will continue to use Colosseum in their current state, and even then, Duel will probably be the only mode they’ll be populated into. Somehow in the coming weeks.

While United Combat and Combat Ordeal can be fun due to their chaotic nature, the truth is that there is absolutely no reason to play these modes other than to have a little mindless fun, as there are no rewards to be gained by winning games, other than a medal. are small next to the name of players who have won enough matches and there is no kind of leaderboard system that would provide some kind of incentive. For any player who isn’t really into PvP, playing any of the new PvP modes can also be a frustrating experience due to the lack of rank or level based matchmaking. Someone who hasn’t completed the game or doesn’t have a perfect physique will struggle a lot and, without a reward for their troubles, has no reason to participate in these new modes.

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Adding Elden Ring Colosseums seems like a way to squeeze some of the PvP content out of the way by focusing on more popular add-ons, perhaps via paid DLC, but I can’t help but feel it could have been handled a little better. In its current state, PvP modes are something most players will try for a few hours before leaving them behind forever. Hopefully, From Software will offer new features and some bonuses that will make these modes a useful piece of content like most of the optional content found in the rest of the game.

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