The Callisto protocol is said to cost more than $160 million

According to a report by Korean website K-Odyssey, Callisto Protocol is struggling hard after Krafton spent more than $160 million during its development phase.

Several Korean analyst firms have lowered their financial estimates for Callisto Protocol sales. Samsung Securities wrote:

The company projected cumulative sales of 5 million copies, but given the current sales arrangement, cumulative sales of 2 million copies won’t be easy even this year.

Budget definitely deserves the previously released AAAA title by Krafton. However, the final version of the Callisto Protocol turned out to be disappointing in many respects. In a Wccftech review (7.2/10), Kai Powell writes:

Despite its stunning screenshots and death scenes, The Callisto Protocol suffers from a lack of interesting content that makes the twelve-plus hour journey through Black Iron Prison worth two, maybe even one. Both crafting and skill trees are simple in nature (both cost a significant amount of credits as players may only be able to fully upgrade two or three weapons in the full game) while combat encounters and combat in general feel very scripted. The horror elements stand out as the only reason to play the first horror game in Striking Distance, but you might want to find yourself thrown back into Black Iron Prison rather than see the journey through to the end.

PC gamers got the worst deal. Upon release, the game suffered from insane stuttering issues and low ray tracing performance. The poor reception was so overwhelming that it contributed to Krafton’s stock plummeting. Developer Striking Distance Studios has since released some patches that have mitigated but not yet fully resolved the issues.

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