The Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1 introduces significant upgrades, weapons, reload improvements, and more

Battlefield 2042 introduced its first update for Season 3 last month, adding a new map, specialist, and more, and now EA and DICE have released version 3.1. This update includes a rework of the Manifest map, some new weapons from the Vault, and of course a long list of tweaks and fixes. Here is a summary of the changes to the Manifest and some of the new content included in the update…



“Our primary focus in reworking the Manifest was to ensure it became more streamlined and provided a tighter playing space, this also gave us the opportunity to make a full pass around the site and provide stronger attributes to previously untapped spaces. We modified and added flag spaces to reduce travel times and create Stronger tracks and frontlines as you make your way to those pickup points.”

Areas of interest:

  • Container Yard – North: The North Container Yard has seen more military presence, as the site is now a dedicated refueling station for the ongoing conflict. The paths to and from the flag have been improved while the position of the flag has been slightly repositioned towards the curb.
  • The Quay: As conflicts continue, the quay has been treated to more military defensive camps, with two new spaces at either end of the quay. These sites serve as pick-up points in certain situations, and when not in use, as staging areas for entry to the boats themselves.
  • Container Yard – South: This location has been moved closer to the action around the moored boats, with track improvements and more military reinforcements throughout.
  • Weather Station: Time has not been a good ally for the weather station after it recently suffered a ground attack, one of these stations is now in a burning ruin. The surrounding hillside also received a traversal walkway along with additional light sources and ziplines to allow for increased opportunities for traversing.

Vault weapons

  • M416 – Battlefield 3 – The M416, the fan favorite from Battlefield 3, is making its way into the Weapon Vault. It is a compact and light AR with a good damage profile capable of taking out targets at medium range.
  • M240B – Battlefield 3 – The M240B is a powerful machine gun that becomes a beast when mounted on a bipod, it has great bullet velocities that allow you to engage targets at medium to long ranges
  • M93R – Battlefield 3 – The M93R is an explosive firearm that destroys at close range but accuracy deteriorates under sustained fire. Get up close and personal with this sidearm to deal its best damage

As mentioned earlier, Battlefield 2024 version 3.1 also includes a long list of tweaks and fixes, including improvements to weapon loading that should make the game feel “faster”. You can check out the full and unabridged patch notes here.

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Battlefield 2042 can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. Update 3.1 is now available. EA and DICE have confirmed that a social event will launch sometime in December and update 3.2, which will introduce separate map reworks and specialized classes, will arrive in late January.

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