The Apex Legends Spellbound event brings control back, and private matches are now open to everyone

Apex Legends is introducing another new event, Spellbound, which will include the return of the fan-favorite Limited Control mode, and a variety of magic-themed cosmetics, including legendary skins for Vantage, Seer, Mad Maggie, and Mirage. Check out some of the new duds in the trailer below.

Ultimately, the biggest change that comes along with the Spellbound event is that Respawn is now opening up private matches and tournament hosting for all players. But wait, wasn’t that already in the game? It was, but it was only available to select players like influencers who used the feature for streams. Now, the tools will be available to everyone.


Want to host your own tournaments? Private matches are now available to all players. Get ready to create your own tournament icons and host custom private matches. Team up with your friends and give it a try!

In the meantime, here’s how Respawn/Respawn Vancouver tweaked Control for their latest outing…

LTM Return Control

During the Spellbound Collection event, control returns: you play 9 vs. 9 and fight for control of areas on the map with infinite respawns. Control will be available to play on:

  • Storm Point: Barometer
  • Edge of the World: Lava Siphon
  • Olympus: Hammond Labs

Game mode updates:

  • Join progress extended to match (matchmaking will attempt to fill empty player slots until one team has a score of 625 or there is a score difference of 300 between the two teams)
  • Players who join an in-progress match get some useful boosts on their first spawn: skip the first wave, use purple shield and helmet, and get a full rating level (purple weapons and fired charge)
  • Added a new end-match XP bonus to Control (150 XP for completing a match).
  • If a team loses by a score of 62 or more, they skip the spell waves.
  • Added distance indicator on MRB icon located in the world.
  • Added time remaining indicator on MRB spawn point map icon.
  • Display a hint message when MRB placement is not possible explaining why the placement failed (too close to friendly or enemy home base, too close to the area).
  • Police dog guides clean after 30 seconds instead of 90 seconds.
  • Clean up the Bloodhound clues when the player who left them behind dies (excluding the player death clue).
  • More spawn tuning to try and prevent players from spawning near enemies.
  • Set the Inventory tab as default (instead of Scoreboard) when accessing menus during gameplay.
  • Loadout updates in the loadout select menu based on weapon meta changes

As always, Spellbound cosmetics can be purchased directly with real money, but there will also be a bonus track that offers a variety of goodies just for playing. This is your rewards tracker.

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Of course, the update that will accompany the Spellbound event will also include the usual set of bug fixes and minor tweaks. If you need to know more about it, here are the full, unabridged patch notes.

Apex Legends can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Switch. A separate version of the game is also available on mobile. The Spellbound event kicks off on January 10th.

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